Chronic Stress Can Lead to Death (See what should be done)

Chronic stress is continuous exposure to stress over a long period of time. What this means is that a person battling chronic stress might be exposed to it for days, weeks, months or even more. This stress might be physical or mental. It could be as a result of a very hectic job that requires overtime, travelling always etc, taking care of a loved one with a chronic condition, financial bankruptcy, unfavorable emotional situations like a heartbreak, continuous disappointments etc. Therefore, it could be an exposure to any situation that strains us physically or make us worry/sad without sufficient rest, change or solution. SIGNS OF CHRONIC STRESS   There are several signs that are pointers that one is going through constant stress. They vary in intensity but all the signs adversely affect our well-being. It also hinders optimal productivity. The signs will be highlighted below.  1. The individual is likely to experience depression. A once jolly person might become sardonic.  2. Disi