Give me the good ol' days, 

Days when men compliment rather than compete, 

When a stranger would go out of his way to help, 

When laughter was hearty, not just mouthy, 

Days people showed love than say it, 

Days we smiled with our eyes and all, 

Days when we were all brothers and sisters with no difference or segregation. 

I want those days you can happily eat at your neighbours', 

When people cherished trust, 

Days when dignity was lived,

And all was equal. 

I crave those days, when you learn from all, 

Days jealousy and strife had no place, 

When life meant so much, 

Days peace, love and joy was all. 

I want those days of rest because you know God loves you. 

Days love was free and not sold or used as a tool of manipulation. 

Days none knew what fear was, 

Immaterial things had more value, 

When crime were taboos, 

Days we lived good life,

Give me the good ol'days.

Nuraini, Nafisat Abdulrahman 

Shinning gem


  1. Touchy writeup. It makes me remember: days when responsibities were low and play time was bountiful. I yearn for more of your blog articles ma. Bring it on.

  2. Love this poem. Seriously we need the good ol'days.

    1. Yes, we really do. Thank you for visiting.


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