How to Find Happiness and Stay Happy: 15+ Inspiring Quotes on Happiness

Jane was a very 'accomplished woman' at a young age. She was rich, influential and she had a caring fiancĂ© to top it all. Her friends usually joked about doing almost anything to get to where she is. They partially mean that because, to them she is the perfect picture of a successful woman. What they didn't know is that she was unhappy deep down. 

Happiness is a very huge concept. It means so many different things to different people. Happiness is what everyone desires; it actually is priceless. I don't know what you tie your happiness to; to some it's money, good relationship, successful career, holiday, fun, assets etc. We're going on a very interesting ride with this article because, we're about to discover what happiness is and how to stay happy.

It's not always about us, opinions or feelings. Sustaining a relationship goes beyond us, and it easier to stay happy in a good, jolly company. It will be easy to be solely happy when others around us are gloomy or sad. 
You can either see the cup half empty or half full. A seemingly unfavorable situation can be tagged negative or positive when we choose to see it as an opportunity to learn and grow better and stronger. 
You are definitely your first responsibility. You shouldn't let others decide your happiness because, it is very important. 

Find your happiness from within, don't attach it to something or someone, a job,  friend, programme etc. This is because men can disappoint since no one is perfect. However, what if you lose that thing or that person leaves? What then happens to your happiness? 

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  1. This is a good writeup. I suggest that the pictures be even in terms of its shapes to that of the website. Or rather, you write the quotes out. I expect more from you. A huge well done to you Nafisat.

    1. Duly noted, thank you for that observation. I'm grateful for the compliment and encouragement too.


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