Breeze blowing, shadows casting, 

Clothes lazily dancing with careless abandon, 

Washed, unpegged clothes graciously chose the floor as abode, 

Leaves of the gigantic tree nearby wave and slap themselves in a frenzy, 

The cloud in the nearest distance perched above the tree, spreading gradually. 

Then came a mighty wind with its hallowing sound, 

It sent the windows a flying, banging and hitting, 

The thunder rumbled confidently, 

And there were quick flashes of lightening, 

People started taking long steps in the streets, 

Mothers hurrying their offsprings in. 

In the twinkling of an eye, large droplets started descending in battalions, 

Like soldiers so focused and unstoppable in their resolve, 

They clattered on roofs,

Some children ran out to play naked in it, uncaring and unmindful of the cold, 

Oh that we would be like these little, ever cheerful ones in rainy days. 

Hours passed and it began flooding, 

Unexpectedly it suddenly stopped, 

A beautiful rainbow appeared brightly in the now clear sky, 

Everywhere was radiant and once again, normal activities resumed,

But for the fact that this time, everyone was happy because the rain had brought comfort and strength. It's aftermath, awesome. 


When it's hardest, your breakthrough is near. The aftermath of a challenge is always better. Your attitude during trials is all. Challenges strengthen and uplift us, only if we choose to hold on. 

Yours in scribbling, 




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