With wide eyes, he growled at me, I stood transfixed at that point, I couldn't move an inch nor speak, the words kept sounding like the rush of a wind at first then then like the waves of a mighty sea. I couldn't make out a sound or comprehend the words coming from him and others at the party. All I knew was that my whole world was crashing, all I have worked for and lived for was lost, lost forever. My intended visitors had become witnesses to my greatest act of thoughtlessness and rash decision. It was supposed to be my day of celebration, for it was indeed my birthday but it became my worst nightmare, a day I'd never forget. The people's mouth were agape, they stared in utter amazement and whispered in hush tones. I could easily read disappointment on their faces. Here was the only man I've ever loved (aside my family), he was sad, mad, confused and dejected. I remembered how it all started just staring at him.

Tony had been a final year student when I was in my second year at the University. He was the complete package: tall, dark, handsome, fit, brilliant as I later learnt and a complete gentleman to the core. He had offered me his seat at a public lecture. After the lecture he walked up to me and we got talking, we just clicked, and I fell more for him because ours had been a case of love at first sight, though I didn't believe in that fairytale style until it happened to me. We started dating shortly and right there on my convocation day, he knelt down and popped the question "Kanyi, will you marry me?"

A year later, after my NYSC programme, we got married, I got my dream job with a good pay and nice working conditions after our wedding because we had the right connection. Everything was simply amazing, it was just like heaven on earth. We couldn't have asked for better. Our love grew stronger and deeper. He was my best friend and confidant, in fact, my all. People started calling us twins because we were inseparable and we were beginning to look identical. We were there for each other through thick and thin.

We were the perfect couple for 10 years until this morning. Yes, today is actually our ten years wedding anniversary but Tony forgot, he went about his normal activities and left home hurriedly. I had longed to hear him warm up to me and wish me happy anniversary in the sweetest way like he usually does, he would go to the point of serving me breakfast in bed and presenting me with an amazing gift and loads of love letters. The truth is I noticed that he was trying to hide things from me for a few days now. He would call and end it almost immediately I get in sight, he started texting more lately too (he did that this morning), and he's carefully kept his phone away from me. He was still loving and all but I suspected that there is more to it. 

Later today, I was called exactly when I was about leaving the office by a strange number. I didn't want to pick it up at first because I was unhappy but the incessant ringing of the phone was annoying so I picked it up. The high pitched voice on the phone asked if it was Mrs Kanyi and I said yes. 

Voice: You have to come straight to Tree Hotel. 'Why should I do that? I don't even know you or what you want from me', I returned. "It's about your husband. There's no time to answer your question now. You'll see for yourself when you get here. Go straight to room A21, do hurry up madame", and she hung up. A million thoughts rushed through my head and different emotions were obtrusively struggling for dominance. I told Candy, my trusted colleague who was with me at the time and she gave me some pieces of advice. Everything isn't exactly how they appear to be; not all advises are to be heeded and looks can be deceptive: those are lessons she learnt the hard way. Candy gave her a bottle of sniper she got earlier for pest and told her to keep dropping it in her husband's food in little quantities so she would have her revenge as she's sure that he's cheating. She dropped a pistol in her bag secretly and asked her to choose her option. Kanyi decided she'll dispose them safely as soon as possible. She hurried down to the hotel as the call was still on her mind.

She opened the door with all the strength left in her and almost ran back as the shout of 'surprise' rent the air. The shock made her drop her bag and "Candy's benevolent gifts" fell out, right in front of everyone.... She was in a dilemma, everyone knew she had misunderstood because the call was planned to surprise her, it was her husband's secretary that called as planned when all their friends and close relatives were on ground. The little party dispersed quietly and quickly and she was left with her husband. She explained and he understood. The trust was broken already though, she would have to patiently work her way through regaining it back. Her reputation with all those that were present was already at stake. She should have unfriended Candy as her husband said years back, she should have trusted him better, be patient and talk with him instead of confiding in Candy. She also learnt that real love never dies, but only grows.


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