Tips For Living A Simple And Peaceful Life


Most times we easily tire out because our lives seem so complicated. Sometimes, we contemplate giving up because we tend to enter another battle after a victory. This piece is here to discuss ways to lighten our burden and how to live that simple, peaceful and happy life we've desired for so long. 

We hardly realise that some of the challenges we encounter are as a result of our choices and actions. Sometimes, we actually know but choose not to admit, but it's time to face the truth. The world isn't against us. We just need to find a better way of managing things to make our lives less complicated. 

1. Don't compare: 

This is the reason why most people are dissatisfied/uncontented and grossly unhappy. You have to realise that you're unique and your life and race is peculiar to you. Comparing yourself to those in your league or your contemporaries mostly hurts you. It can seriously damage your esteem, distract you from your personal values and you'll majorly see where you are supposedly lagging behind. These lead to unhealthy competition and we get so entangled with measuring up to standards especially, those that aren't even ours in the first place. 

2. Minimize: 

Sometimes, we tend to be so extravagant that we acquire a lot of things we may never need or use. Purchase things that are necessary/needful. Wow!  It looks so nice, sorry to disappoint you hunnie, you don't necessarily have to get it. Ask yourself why you need to get it, when and how useful it'll be for you first. That super expensive party or holiday, is it really necessary at the moment? Prioritising is a good tip to living a simple life.


3. Cut off negativity: 

This is a really important one, stay around good, positive people. Think positive thoughts and have a positive attitude.

4. Help: 

There's a way our efforts towards making others happy, makes us immensely glad. On the other hand, guilt from not helping when we can or doing the needful snatches our peace. Help someone today and feel warmth, peace and happiness fill up your entire being. 

5. Concentrate:

You have to choose and concentrate on something or a project per time. Having so much projects at hand might cause us to worry and fret a lot. It steals our peace and disturbs us completely. When we face an accomplish a task at a time, it makes us feel fulfilled, strengthened and glad. With this new air and grace we can easily move to the next with ease and focus. You can't do everything at once. Choose what to pay attention to, expend time and resources on at certain times. 

6. You: 

You are very important, I do hope you know that. It isn't selfishness to think about ourselves and well-being too. Sometimes, we get so selfless that whenever a thought about our own welfare crosses our mind, we start feeling guilty and immediately dismiss it as selfishness. You are your first responsibility, take care of your spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health. You deserved to be loved, cherished and pampered too (by yourself first). 

7. Live: 

Live, yes, be alive and lively, don't just exist.  For a simple and peaceful life, make peace with your past. A lot of people are stuck in the past and are held back by the regret of past actions. Consider the future, some people are also living for the future alone and end up not enjoying the gift of the present. They plan and starve so much for the future and regret the lost time when they get to that future. Make peace with your past, let go of the hurt and the things you cannot change. Live and enjoy the present but do not forget your future. Plan and work towards it now without letting the present slip by. The present is a present, you're only certain of now. The future is the next second as well, therefore, live now, try new things now and be happy now.

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  1. Live now and prepare for the future. These points are well stated and explained, I love your mentality. Thanks so much for this.

    1. I'm glad you love them post. Thank you for reading through. Stay tuned for other inspiring posts.

  2. Importance of Minimalism well highlighted.


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