21 Things You Should Do Before Clocking 30

Time is one of the greatest gifts given to us and as they say, time is indeed life. Time lost can never be regained, you can only try to make it up some other time. Thirty is a really significant age because you are delving deeper into adulthood. I actually thought about those things I'd love to do before thirty and I'll share with you. Note, I've been able to do some of these, well, others are still in my personal to-do list. There are several things you should do before that age and I have accumulated some of those things for you. So get a list and start ticking because the clock is ticking. If you are thrity and you missed any of these, you can still try them because you are at your prime. Enjoy.

1. Know and Love Yourself More: It is the best time to love yourself, know what you really want and live more for yourself. You are very important. Take yourself out on a treat when you have to and make yourself happy.  You matter.

2. Try Something New: Yea, you've always imagine doing some things differently or trying something new while growing up right? Now is the time to go for them and have the time of your life. 

3. Save: Saving for rainy day is one of the wisest things you can do for yourself. Have an emergency account you can fall back on when the need arises. Do not rely on others for financial help. 

4. Invest: You are not too young to invest. Who says being rich at a very young age isn't attractive? I'll love to be a young and beautiful billionaire, lol. It isn't the time to spend or lavish all you have on your wants but the time to let your money work for you and yield more. It's time to grow financially and be stable. Cut down totally on impulse buying. Plan your pay appropriately.

5. Dream and Dare to Follow: I'm guilty when it comes to following up, because I can be paranoia, trying to check out all the cons before the pros. But I've been working on that. Dreams are free, so dream as much as you want and follow up. Don't be scared to follow up on those dreams especially if they're valuable and feasible. You'll be glad you did.

6. Get More Values, Habits and Focus: You might need to review your values and habits at this time. Get more values and work towards them. If you have some habits that aren't good enough, you need to get rid of them. Focus and don't be swayed by what other people might think or say as long as you're doing good. Read my previous post on 'Breaking Bad Habits' if you are struggling with some bad habits.

7. Read More: Reading expands our knowledge, views and helps our insight. The more you read, the more you know and the better you become when you apply what you've learnt. At this stage, you should be versatile, know and be able to contribute to any topic, even outside your area of expertise. Learn everything about everything. 

8. Be Skillful: Learn and get more skills. In this age, soft skills are very relevant, the world is going more global. Digital skills should be attained. There is always room for improvement. Learn how to cook more delicious meals, improve in your house keeping skills and learn to be more composed. 

9. Eat Healthy: It is the right time to invest in your body if you have not been doing that before. Eat more properly home made meals, take a lot of water, consume fruits as well. Do not eat because of cravings but for nutrients majorly. Cut down on junks. Please remind me to look away from pizza and ice cream (vanilla flavour). 

10. Exercise: It isn't that easy to start exercising if you've not been doing it before but the advantages surely outweigh the work. The end really justify the means. Exercising provides a lot of advantages such as fitness, sharp mind and agility. Exercise doesn't have to be like a burden to you, it can be fun as well.

11. Live Simply: Simplicity is the key at this stage because you've probably realised that even life itself doesn't last forever. It is time to pray more, laugh truly, forgive, help and focus on your life. Do away with regrets, it only blurs your image and hold you back in the past. Look forward to a beautiful future ahead and the gift of today. Free yourself from all dramas. Click on this link for more on living simply: https://www.jummyslightpen.com.ng/2020/09/tips-for-living-simple-and-peaceful-life.html?m=1

12. Devotion: Set out to devote and dedicate yourself to something good and true. Follow your religion wholly. Believe more and learn more about what you believe in, it will help your conviction. Whatever you are involved in, be dedicated to it. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. 

13. Volunteer: Service to humanity is one great act of selflessness; putting signs on other people's face makes your smile wider and more genuine. Set out to be a source of happiness and light to others, to those who truly need it. 

14. Travel: Travel to a place you've always wanted to go but never had the time or courage to go. Plan your next vacation to be that time of discovery and fun. Travel to a new zone, you can research on tourist sites around that place so you that it will also double as a time for sightseeing. Going on pilgrimage is another good idea. 

15. Be Real: If there is anytime to be realistic, it is now. Face reality and be objective about everything. Have real valuable friends who really care about you even if they're just a handful. Do things with pure motive. It's time to outgrow unrealistic expectations. You have to do it all with optimism. Do what you really want to do. 

16. Court the Person you Love: Get into a good relationship with the person you really love, forget your fears and be happy. 

17. Job/Business: Do what you really love doing. The reason why most workers are unhappy and miserable is because their heart isn't drawn towards what they are doing. They are either on the job for the pay or some other reasons. Set out for the job of your choice and who says you can't create your dream job if you can't get it anywhere. You can try starting out the business of your choice and become an employee. 

18. Dare to Fail: Try new and dare to fail. Don't wallow in failure, failure really is a way of learning to become better. It is always a step forward. It is the right exposure. And who assured you that you won't succeed if you try? 

19. Reliability: Get to be known as a reliable person who others can count on and lean on when they need help. 

20. Self-Motivation:  Don't wait for others to approve your ideas, be willing enough to go for what you, set up daily goals and strive to be better. Sometimes others disprove you or your choices because they're scared of how big your success would be at the end or because they don't really care. Remember that they might not be seeing the big picture you're seeing now too. Encourage yourself and let them congratulate you. 

21. Family: Value, love and know your family well. Learn about your family history and get to meet extended family members you haven't met before.


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