7 Types of People You Should Never be Friends with

Friendship is a close relationship between two or more people. Those people you regard as your friends are supposed to help, trust, correct, advise, encourage, life, accompany and positively impact your life. Your choice of friends is important because people will automatically classify you as that type of person too. You know what they say 'show me your friend and I'll tell you who you are' and 'birds of a feather flock together'.

However, that is not the case for a lot of people. There are so many friends out there that can pass for a foe, rather than a friend. True friends can  be known by their acts not just by the title.

I'll share some examples with you, please note, I'll keep those involved as anonymous. I had this group of friends some years ago, one of us, let's say friend A had very serious issues but she never let it out. The most surprising thing is that we were open to each other, we were like sisters, with our struggles and wins but she just uses a general expression to talk about hers. She got to the end of the line and still lied to us, she had to leave. It wasn't until 2 years later when I met another friend of hers that I got to know the real truth. If she was open, we could have found a way to help. We felt bad, we were in the dark for so long.

Another instance was in high school. A friend went about boasting that she did some things (financially) for my family. My dad actually did some things for us that Christmas and we gisted her but she went about saying she did it for the family. I mean, it was really ridiculous because we were very comfortable as at then. I felt betrayed and it was very disregarding (for her to say such about my father). I've heard  people talk about their so-called friends with big mouths that will make bad jokes and embarrass them with it in public.

1. Good Weather Friends: We call them 'owo epo' in my language🤣. They are super selfish, always thinking about themselves and what they can gain from you. When you're in despair or lack, you won't even see their shadow around but when you have plenty, they'll be your closest companions, only to leave when challenges arise again. They are the 'for better for better people or best put for better for stay, for worst for leave'. Stay away from this kind of people, they won't help you in any way if you need help.

2. Gossips: Aha! Those whose mouths are like baskets, better put, like running stream, never trust them with any secret. Stay away from them because the more you stay with them, the more they see things you do not even intend for them to. They will tell you all about another person but also gossip about you to anyone who cares to listen.  They talk first, then think later. They can even make embarrassing jokes about you in public with your personal struggles or something inappropriate before apologising. Once they start talking, there's no end to it.

3. Mediocre: To the set of friends, average is good enough, I mean what more can be satisfying to anyone. When you want to expand your business, you'll hear something like: my dear, you already have customers and good sales here, you better be contented, at least you can still do this and that....a lot of people can't. Contentment shouldn't stop you from being the best of growing. They keep comparing with those who are below but never those who are doing well.

4. Conditional/Environmrntal Friends: Those who can only support you when you're there. Fear this kind of people, because your absence means nothing to them. They are equivalent to pretenders. Instead of helping to protect your integrity while you aren't there, they will agree to all and even slander you; and when you appear at the scene, voilà, their countenance changes just like that, and they'll even start praising you. They aren't real friends. Darling, cut off that cord that binds you together now. 

5. Pessimists: Pessimists only see the possible negative outcomes in anything. They can easily discourage others not to go further or try new things. In fact, risk taking is a no go area to them and they will take it upon them selves to talk you out of it. If you take all of their advises, you might end up doing nothing. With them, the consequences always outweigh every other things. There's a good side to their nature, they will help you think of the possible negative outcomes of any act you're about to take. If you are about to keep a pessimistic as a friend, have an optimist, realist to balance up that friendship.

6. Envious Friends: Ronke and Tosin were good friends in same class, they prepared together for their upcoming exams. Results came up, Ronke passed, Tosin didn't, Ronke was very sorry about what happened, she offered to help her friend study and explain better to her. Tosin was very envious and stopped associating and talking with Ronke instead, the following year, Tosin passed and wanted to continue the friendship but it was too late, Ronke already lost interest. She saw that Tosin will blame her and make her pay for all her future challenges. A friend like Tosin isn't good for anyone, they will make you feel bad for succeeding and won't rejoice with you. Steer clear off them.

7. Secretive Ones: They aren't good for anyone. Have you ever felt cheated after telling a friend everything about you and you realise they don't tell you anything about them, feels loop sided right? I know, I'll even start feeling as if I talk too much or they don't trust me, it should be mutual. If we trust each other, then we should be able to talk and help each other out.

No one is perfect, you need a group of friends who see things from different angles because, you'll be able to balance things up that way. Remember you will be influenced by your  friends consciously or unconsciously. If you have friends that fall under this category, help them become better. Take a chance to become a better friend today. Think not only of what others can do for you, but what you can do for them. Do feel free to share your thoughts and experiences, love and light.


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