Abia Doctors to Strike if Security Operatives Continue Harrasment

It is quite pathetic that medical practitioners who were on call/duty during the 24-hour curfew in Abia state suffered harrasment. The Nigerian Medical Association (Abia State Chapter) has spoken up. They warned that they will go on strike due to harassment of its members by security operatives. They called for a stop to this shameful act. It is very difficult to decipher why security operatives will choose to harass those they are supposed to protect. It is even more pathetic because, this happened while the entire country was decrying police brutality. 

The chairperson and secretary of the chapter, Chimezie Okwuonu and Robinson Ugwuanyi, bore their minds and gave the warning during their speech on Friday. This took place in Umuahia, Abia state. 

Furthermore, they called on the state government and relevant agencies to address the issue and protect members in the line of duty during the period.

"We can no longer tolerate the insult from the security agents who have been persistently harassing our members on the line of duty.

"If the government of Abia and her security personnel do not come up with practical and adequate measures to protect our members in the next 24 hours, we may be left with no choice than to ask our members to stay away from work till further notice."

They also added that: "We also call on heads of health institutions in the state to liaise with the state government and security agents to end the harassment."

They urged members to stay safe and be watchful during this period, while attending aptly to victims of the protest. It was also stated that an 'Emergency Response Team' would be put in place for assistance and timely medical assistance while the protest is ongoing. This team will be formed in a day. 

The Chapter's '2020 Physicians Week', which was slated for Oct. 19 to Oct. 25 had been postponed indefinitely.


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