Breaking: 24 Hours Curfew Declared In Edo Over Prison Break And Violence.


The Curfew declared in Edo will be effective From 4pm, Monday 19th October, 2020. This statement was released in a press conference on Monday as a result of the incidents of destruction, vandalism and attacks on citizens and state institutions by hoodlums disguised as Endsars protesters. 

Earlier today it was reported that the hoodlums broke into a Prison in Benin and freed all intimate after attacking a police station which was burnt down. These hoodlums under the guise of Endsars protesters has caused an hitch to the movement which will now be reduced to military intervention and activities being curbed. This has led the edow State Government to declare a Curfew in an attempt to restrict the movement of people around the state. 

According to the statement, the Edo State Government respect citizens rights and will protect the right to legitimate protest but the government will not watch the protest take a different turn especially when it has been hijacked by hoodlums who were described as enemies of the state and who inflict pain to the people and destruction to public properties. According to the acts of the curfew laws, Schools and Businesses will be shut down too and those who are caught up till 4pm should find a save haven to prevent calamity till calm is restored. Parents were also advised to take responsibilities for children movements as anyone caught out after curfew time will be dealt with accordingly.


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