Breaking Free From Bad Habits: Seven Practical Steps

Habit is an action done on a regular basis, performed repeatedly or automatically, usually without awareness. It is what you do continuously even without conscious effort. Have you ever wondered how you got a new habit? Well, the objective truth is that you started consciously and guess what, it's very easy to form an habit. It takes way less than 30 days to form a new habit. Unfortunately, it's more difficult to break lose from such habits because it must have become a part of you, something you don't need to consciously do or be at alert for before getting it done.

However, the fight against this bad habits can be won once you know the right steps and techniques to engage in the battle. Sit tight and enjoy the ride.

7 Steps to Break Free From Bad Habits

1. Be Determined/Willing: Most times, the reason why we don't get things done is not that we can do them or that there are circumstances beyond our control, the reason is we are not willing enough or truly ready to take such step. Have you ever done something you thought you could never do before? Yes, you must have, you started by putting in your will to try. As long as you're willing then you can.

2. Act Consciously and Cautiously: This make appear to be a huge job but it is possible and very rewarding in the end. One you start acting consciously, you'd be able to take note of every little details you are drawn to do off-mindedly, and you'll be able to fight back consciously with your will. Act with caution, not every thing goes, remember there are consequences of each action we take.

3. Reflect and Review Your Day: At the end of each day, it's a wise thing to reflect (flash back) to how you spent your day, it'll enable you keep a track of everything.

4. Be Accountable to Someone: Accountability to someone you trust and respect will help you fight and be a good push since you wouldn't want to disappoint them. That person could be your partner, parents, friend, a mentor, a clergyman, or even a counsellor. Their encouragement will definitely go a long way.

5. Focus on the New Habit You Want to Replace it With: For every bad habit, there's most likely a good habit that can stand in its place. For instance, the bad habit is procrastination, the good habit will likely be being time conscious/being early, another example is eating junks can be replaced with eating healthy/ eating balanced diet, being lazy totally opposes and can be replaced by diligence, mediocrity with excellence and so on and so forth. Focusing wholly on the habit you're trying to break would only project it and make it appear like an insurmountable mountain in your mind's eye. Kindly focus on the new habit you're trying to form instead.

6. Set Goals: Set goals and objectives that will be achievable daily towards breaking the habit. It'll will definitely make it more realistic.

7. Celebrate your Little Wins: Yes, you've got to celebrate your little wins, it'll will definitely motivate you for bigger victories.

These steps have worked for me like magic (with diligence and consistence too though),  and I trust that they will work for you too. Believe in yourself. I believe in you. Shake loose, shake free, get better. 



  1. I like number 6. Setting goals help you break free from bad habits.
    Thank you for this post.

  2. Stay tuned for other inspiring posts. Looking forward to serve you better.

  3. Well detailed. I love the writing style.


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