Dailing This Code Is Not A Means Of Tracking Your Phone, Calls And Messages. This is What It Works For.


"This is Very very informative!! They can be monitoring your calls, data and texts. Please dial *#61# on your phone to know if your phone number(s)/line(s) is(are) being monitored! When you dial the code (*#61#), it will show whether your calls or fax or data are been forwarded / monitored or not. If it shows "Call/data/fax Forwarded" that confirms that your phone number/line is being monitored!. If it shows "Not forwarded" it means u are safe. If it is forwarded pls dial ##002# to remove the _"monitoring device" from that phone number/line! Then, no Secret security agent can ever monitor your line again. We are not under military government or in a police state. Please do this for ALL your phone numbers/lines".

The Above Message has been circulating online since yesterday as a way people are being tracked but then it is very untrue. Please do not put fear in your heart by thinking you're being monitored. That is simple a way of knowing if your calls setting and messages are on forwarded when you're not available. If your setting is enabled to call forwarding then it'll show when you dial *#61# as forwarded. This doesn't mean you're being traced, by simply switching it off, it won't be forwarded anymore but not forwarded when you check. Please be informed.


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