'Due to the Ongoing Protest, I hereby Resign (Full Letter)

Mr Harrison Gwamnishu, The CEO of Behind Bar Initiative, which is a Human Rights Protection Group, has tendered his resignation tomorrow the Delta State Government to return to the protest ground and fight for the betterment of Nigeria. According to him, he was prompted to take this step as a result of of the Violation of the 5of5 agreement between the government and Endsars protesters which led to the mass killings which have been occurring in most parts of the country. Mr Gwamnishu addressed the Governor in humble expressions with meaningful reasons to strip down and resign from the Inquiry Panel AZ he seems it not fit to be on the panel while the Youths are still being killed on the streets while fighting for their rights. Proving to be a man of integrity, he also returned the Sun if Hundred Thousand Naira paid for sitting allowance by the government to him in order to maintain a clean slate between himself and his conscience. Below is his letter to the State Government affirming his resignation as an appointee on the board.

Mr Gwamnishu also took to his twitter page to declare his total disengagement from the panel as he believes his mission is to fight for justice, peace and freedom.

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