Effective Time Management Skills: Learn How to Manage Time Effectively and Achieve More within Deadlines

Time is an invaluable asset; time is life, because man's life is measured in time (years). His life time is categorised in past, present and future. Time is also a present which is a great leveler, everyone has 24 hours in a day and how we utilize that time is very important. Time management has to do with making the most of our time. There are days when you feel like you have too much time and nothing really to do; and other days when you feel like 24 hours isn't enough in a day. What really counts is what we do during that period. Effective time management skills helps us use our time to attain sufficient results in reaching our goals during the period of a time. There are days I'd think there's excess time before discovering that it's too late. I had to do my research well and I started applying these tips, so far,so good, they've been helping me become better. I'm sure they will work for you too. 

Analyse your task at hand before you set out to do them. You can label some as urgent, important, not important and not urgent. Some of these can be combined, as in important and urgent. You should set out to do important and urgent tasks first. 

Eight (8) Tips To Help You Manage Time Effectively 

1. Set Goals: If you don't have goals, you'll end up directionless and confused. Your goals will help you stay focused and avoid distractions. Stay away from social media, and friends at that time, except that's your platform or means to work. Set a target for each day and stay on track. You'll get your work done faster and better that way. Do set deadlines along with the goals. 

2. Reflect: Review your days and week by reflecting back on work done and time expended. You'll definitely see where and how you need to make amends in managing your time effectively that way. This will help you make amends and become better.

3. Prioritise: This is a very important task, you need to set out urgent and important tasks before other tasks that can definitely wait. Learn how to say no if it's not important, it's not a crime. You can't do everything at the same time, one task at a time is actually preferable. Do your most important tasks first. 

4. Cultivate Good Habits: Good habits will elevate you while bad habits will stagnate and depress you. Bad habits have a way of forcing themselves into our tasks. They eat deep into our precious time and leave so much undone. Eliminate all bad habits and cultivate good ones. Valuable habits like being time conscious, diligent, reading etc will definitely help us get better. Have the type of habits that will make you better. 

5. Rest: You're not a robot and I don't even think robots work round the clock, they also need maintenance and care. Take good care of your body, rest when you get tired. The issue with forcing yourself to work while tired is that you will expend more energy with little result. Rest well, that way your mind and body will be ready for the next task. 

6. Meditate, Exercise and Sleep Well: All these things helps get us ready, active, sharp and strong enough for our tasks. Meditation helps clear our head and helps us stay calm. Exercise helps us stay healthy and strong, it helps our minds to be receptive as well. Good sleep helps our body and mind relax; it helps our body regain strength and vitality. 

7. Be Time Conscious: You need to be aware of your time more than any other thing. Your time is a precious treasure, take care of it that way. Don't waste your time on unnecessary and unimportant trivialities. Be on time, because going late to work or events leaves you disorganised and disoriented for the first few minutes of your arrival. Strive to meet up with deadlines, it not only helps you clear up tasks but helps your integrity and confidence. A time plan will work perfectly, for example, 7:00-7:05am- Arrival and settling in; 7:05-10am- Submission of yesterday's file etc. 

8. Be Self-Motivated: Self-motivation is very important in getting tasks done. This is because it is not always that you would get people to support and motivate you, and not all tasks will be easy and/or desirable to do. You just need to encourage yourself and get things done. You can give yourself a form of reinforcement or award after that. For example, go to a spa, an eatery, cinema etc. If you keep waiting for inspiration or motivation from someone else, you might end up doing nothing.

Thank you for reading. Cheers to making the most out of your day and achieving more. 


  1. Rest, self motivation!!! What I need in my life, thank you for this write up.

    1. Great, I'm glad you found useful tips that are peculiar to you. Thank you for visiting.


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