EndSars: Innocent Idibia (2Face) Suggests a More Tactical Way to Protest


The End SARS protest has been ongoing for more than ten days in Nigeria, and it is the biggest protest in the country after a very long time. It is quite thrilling that celebrities have also come out to protest and support other protesters. This has been a great source of encouragement. They have shown great empathy and solidarity, not just to their fans but to fellow Nigerians. 

Furthermore, some celebrities abroad has joined in decrying bad governance, violence and police brutality in Nigeria. The end SARS protest has gained great attention internationally.

Innocent Idibia is among those who have been clamouring for great, positive change in the country. He suggested a different tactic/way to handle the protest. He stated that there should be a total lock down, whereby no one will go to work, except for sales of essential commodities. That way, the economy will be affected and the government will be quickly moved to proffer solutions to the problems on ground. He feels that this will make the government effectively and efficiently grant the all the requests of the protesters. 

He took to his twitter page and suggested this in his own words: “I wonder why everybody is still going to work. We need total shutdown until this politicians start to answer!!

Unless them wan use sars come pursue us go work #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #endimpunity #endlooting

Make only market for essential things dey”.

What is your view concerning his suggestions? Thank you for reading through and stay safe out there.  


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