Hopes so high, nothing can reach, 

Like balloons inflated to the maximum, totally undeflatable,

Feelings so exciting, 

Plans so right, nothing can ever go wrong. 

Sometimes, expectations take us to that pinnacle where other things seem so minute, 

They are wings we soar on, 

The wheels that drive us on. 

When met, they give the feeling of the high and mighty, and when not, make us feel like fragile glass crashing down on hard terrace,

With all traces of hopes vanishing and strength failing,

But then and again, without a fall there wouldn't be the need to rise. 

For expectations can turn out with positive or negative results. 

Ours is to be positive and prepared always to rise above all regardless, 

Not to limit ourselves with our expectations,

Cos sometimes, we get shattered and depressed when things don't go as expected, 

In time, we'll behold and see that things beyond our expectations meant for us. 

Stand tall dreamers, stand tall doers, stand tall knights.




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