Fear in Lagos as Hoodlums Rampage and Set Up Roadblocks

A lot of Nigerians have expressed dissatisfaction and rage after President Muhammadu Buhari's speech on Thursday. They had expected more, especially, on the loss of lives during the protest. Lots of people were particular about the president mentioning the Lekki toll massacre, however, he made no mention of it. This caused serious aggravation since those involved were soldiers and the victims were peaceful, unarmed protesters. 

The President's speech was termed as insensitive, lacking empathy, and important details. They saw it as a huge error for the president not to have mentioned the unfortunate Lekki incident. The President generally sympathised with those mourning,  warned the protesters,  listed the achievement of the present government and the agenda. 

Prior to that time, on the same Tuesday that the incidence happened, the governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu had imposed a 24-hour curfew that day which the protesters defied. Lagosians got very angry with the improvement and even more angry when the president failed to mention the painful incidence. 

Eventually, the protest took an unimaginable turn with the involvement of hoodlums and violence. The hoodlums were not originally part of the protesters. Hoodlums and louts have now allegedly taken over the streets of Lagos, setting more roadblocks, perpetuating violence, razing some police stations and some other buildings. This is what the residents of Lagos termed as fearful. Armed gangs have been seen in different parts of the state, while the residents are reportedly angry. People have taken to looting of Covid palliatives, other personal property and businesses, and destruction of properties. This act have been reported in some other states across the country, but it is more in the Western part of the country. 

Sanwo-Olu also took to his twitter page to express himself: "Our beautiful city has seen a level of destruction almost akin to a war zone. It was a shocking and very sad spectacule".

Residents of the state has reported gun shots in some areas as the police are struggling to restore calm. Unfortunately, the whole incidence has led to the demise of some protesters, residents and some security agents. The government also relaxed the curfew today (24-10-2020). Curfew hours will now be between 6pm to 8am.

Louts have been seen with knives and sticks blocking major roads. Even the highway leading to the international airport was blocked by some young men who demanded cash from motorists on Friday. Some businesses,  including some banks and petrol stations have stopped operating during the height of the event. It has indeed been a huge blow to all.


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