Five (5) Outstanding Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

"What a man can do, a woman can do better". This is a popular saying which is really controversial, but these women have proven it to be true. They have been remarkably outstanding and recognised within and outside the country. They are good examples of women who have diligently put in diligence, persistence, innovation, consistence and sacrificed immensely towards the growth of their business. No wonder they say nothing good comes easy. Some of them have tried and had to keep trying till they reach theit mark. But it's even more amazing to know that they've not stopped working. They show that hard and smart work pays off at the end of it all. They are wonderful females who are models for all regardless of other people's gender or premonitions. 

1. Linda Ikeji: I know you're wondering why I started with a blogger, she isn't just a blogger, she is a blogger par excellence, besides I'm showing loyalty not partiality 😂 . Linda is the highest paid blogger in Nigeria, though she didn't have it all easy at first. She started blogging in 2006 for fun and would go all the way to a cafe just to post online. She wrote a book which actually didn't make waves or sell, she didn't allow that discourage her. 

In her early years (age 17 precisely), she had to work as a waitress and also an usher for modelling organisation. However, in 1998, she began modelling and worked for a celebrity magazine as a fashion columnist. 

She tried starting her own media company, modelling agency and events management outfit. Eventually, she started her popular blog which is a huge success. She was the most searched icon on Google in Nigeria in 2014.

2. Mo Abudu: She is the first woman to own a Pan-African television channel. In 2013, she started Ebony Life Television which is a multi-platform broadcast designed to reach Africa's most important target demographic. 

Her achievements up until year 2000 are remarkable. She started out as a recruitment consultant in United Kingdom, established Vic Lawrence and Associates (it is a specialist human resources development company).It is incredible that she was recognised as "Africa's Most Successful Woman" by Forbes. Oh, how I'd love to be recognised by Forbes too. 

3. Funmi Iyanda: She is a renowned talk-show host who have successfully hosted "New Dawn" for eight years. It is one of the longest existing shows on Nigerian media (TV show). She began a project which is set up for empowering vulnerable members of the society. The project known as 'Change A Life' project. Now, she didn't just think about herself alone, her selflessness and charity is worthy of emulation. 

Funmi Iyanda went ahead to establish Ooya Media. This prestigious firm is concerned with producing contents, managing communication, and it is also handles visual advisory. The firm operates in Africa, Europe, America and Middle East Coast.

4. Uche Eze-Pedro: She is the founder of the popular Bella Naija. Uche is a blogger, an entrepreneur and a social media expert. Her blog is popularly known for its prestige and popularity. It is an electronic or online magazine and blog that is concerned with entertainment, news broadcast, including publication of contents on lifestyle and fashion. 

The blog also expanded its purviews to other contents that greatly benefits Nigeria and Africa as a whole. It features a lot of glamorous events through showcasing of pictures from the guest and the events itself. I know I'm not the type of person that likes so much attention but, I'd love to be featured on her blog, wouldn't you?  

5. Tara Fela Durotoye: Tara is the CEO and founder of House of Tara International. It is interesting to note that she is a makeup artist and a lawyer. She also established Tara Orekelewa beauty range, perfume and H.I.P Beauty range. She is a very disciplined and professional entrepreneur. When you mention suitable African makeup, she comes to my mind first, that is awesome. I mean, standing for something good is great. 

Her dedication towards her company has won her recognition, and set her organisation above companies in her line in Nigeria. The uniqueness and prestige of the company has made it outstanding. Her products are also preferred to so many others for it's quality.These women are young, diligent, dedicated and remarkably strong women who are role models. They have been selected amongst others so that we can learn from them and have good values. They all did things differently. 

I have personally been challenged by their lives, I actually don't want to be just another woman, I want to be remarkably excellent in my area of expertise, how about you? My question to you is: "what will you be remembered for?" Thank you for reading through, like, comment and subscribe.


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