More! More!! More!!! 
That is her anthem and daily cry, 
Eyes bulging at others' belonging, 
Hands itching at their possessions.

All focus on getting more, 
Like a leech that's never satisfied, 
Like a river that never stops flowing, 
Like grains of sand that can never be counted, 
Consuming her entirety like wildfire, 
So is her longing never satisfied. 

No, she keeps saying, just a little more, 
And I'd long no more, 
But right after that, more than ever before the cravings get stronger, 
More irresistible and almost uncontrollable, 
More! More!! More!!! Her anthem keeps ringing in her head. 

Contentment is her sole enemy, 
It is for the unambitious and low minded, 
I go any length to get what I want, she brags around, 
Any length, she'd go as long as the breadth and height of the earth contains, 
Her unquenchable thirst and insatiable hunger draws her towards her impending doom, 
But even with vivid danger, she keeps crying: just a little more, more, more. 



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