Hair Loss: Major Causes and Signs of Hair Loss (Part I)

Everyone loses close to 80-100 strands of hair daily but a person can be said to experience hair loss when the hair refuses to grow back. Hair loss can affect the hair on one's head, eye brow, beard or entire body due to one reason or the other. Hair loss can also be temporary or permanent depending on the cause. Over time, people have reacted very differently to hair loss: some do nothing about it and see it as a normal occurrence, some use different types of covers like wigs, weavons, head gears etc, while others try various types of treatments and hair growth products. The severity of hair loss also vary from one person to another. Hair loss is known as alopecia and one of the common forms is baldness. 

Causes of Alopecia (Hair Loss) 

1. Hair Products: Some hair products with harsh chemicals can cause our hair to fall out. They can lead to serious hair damage. Therefore, research properly and be mindful of the type of hair products you use. This kind of damage is usually temporary. 

2. Health Condition: Certain serious health conditions might lead to hair loss. This type of hair loss might affect body and hair. Sicknesses affect our immune system and disrupt the normal functioning and activities of our body and this affects our hair as well. Ill health also disrupts growth and weakens the body and hair.

3. Tight Hairstyles: Tight hairstyles has led many into the predicament of hair breakage and hair loss. Most times women's hair recedes from the hair line and other times, they experience hair thinning or circular/patchy bald spots due to tight hairstyles. This damage occurs where the hair is tightness; it might even cause sore and swelling on the scalp. Continuous strain on hair strands and tendrils might lead to hair loss.

4. Physical/Emotional Stress: This is another cause of hair loss. This might also lead to general ill-health. Extreme and continuous exposure to stress may lead to hair loss.

5. Age: In some families, people experience gradual thinning and receding of hairline as they age. It is therefore hereditary in such family. Hair loss that occurs with aging is known as androgenic alopecia. 

6. Medications: Medications are substances that are supposed to improve our health and ensure our wellness. However, most medications have side effects that might not go well with our bodies. Examples of these medications include: blood pressure drugs, cancer, antidepressants etc. Strong medications might result to hair loss. 

7. Chemotherapy/Radiation: Exposure to radiation and chemotherapy usually cause hair loss. It might lead to full body hair loss. There's a chance for the hair to grow back once the treatment is over.

Signs of Hair Loss (Alopecia) 

1. Body Hair Loss: Hair loss isn't only restricted to the scalp but the body as well. Body hair loss can be as a result of sickness or chemotherapy. The hair usually grows back once the individual is healthy again but there's no assurance of full recovery. 

2. Sudden Loss: We can experience suddenly loosening of hair as a result of emotional or physical stress. In this case, while one's hair is being washed, brushed or gently pulled at, the hair falls off. It results in temporary hair thinning.

3. Thinning: Gradual thinning of the hair may be as a result of age. It is characterised by receding hairline or scanty hair. 

4. Scaly Patches: Scaly patches on the scalp can be as a result of ring worm. The signs of ring worm infestation include: itchy scalp, swelling, red round patches, hair loss or breakage. 

5. Circular Bald Spots: Circular or patchy bald spots can appear on the beards, hair or scalp. It is also possible that you find them on the eye brows. Painful itch usually precedes hair loss.

This article has described what hair loss is, the causes and signs. In the second part of the publication, remedies of hair loss will be discussed. Thank you for reading.


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