Hair Loss: Prevention and Treatment of Hair Loss (Part II)

Hair loss occurs when we lose our hair without new growth replacing the lost strands. Some reasons for hair loss aside the ones mentioned in the previous post are not far fetched. They include: malnutrition, iron deficiency and fungal infection. It is very essential to eat well and stay healthy in order to avoid hair loss. It's quintessential to consult your doctor whenever you see signs of hair loss because, it might be a pointer to a serious health condition. Treat your health with great priority. It is pertinent to establish that hair loss (baldness) caused by hereditary factor can not be prevented. Meanwhile, a hair transplant can be done. Some people accept that state and choose to go for a total, clean shave; while others resort to wigs, hats, caps etc. 

Prevention and Treatment of Hair Loss

1. Hairstyles: Avoid tight hairstyles they may appear nice, but they might end up having serious negative effects on your hair. These effects are diverse, such as: soreness on your scalp, uneasiness, hair breakage, hair loss etc. 

2. Handling Your Hair: Do not comb your hair forcefully or roughly, take your time to moisturise and detangle before combing. It will definitely make it easier and hinder dryness and hair loss. 

3. Products: Use mild products on your hair. It is more advisable to use 100% natural hair products than regular products. This is because the latter might contain harsh chemicals that might weaken your hair strands and cause hair loss. 

4. Temperature: Do not expose your hair to temperatures that are too high or too low. Study the weather condition to be sure it's not too harsh before exposure. In very cold weather, moisturise your hair appropriately and you can go to bed with a satin bonnet on; when the sun is high up, you can use hats, scarfs, head gears etc to protect your hair. Steer clear of ultraviolet light/ray as well, it can lead to hair loss. 

5. Smoking: Smoking has been associated with baldness in men. Smoking is generally hazardous to health, especially the lungs and other vital parts of the body. It is advisable to desist from such act. 

6. Exposure/Treatment: It's not all hair treatments that will do your hair good, some might do more harm than good. Treatments such as hot rollers, hair straighteners and curling iron might eventually strip your hair of its quality and strength, especially with frequent and persistent use over time. Do not expose your hair to excess heat. Don't strain your hair with certain hair styles.

7. Effects of Medications: Inquire about the side effects of any drug you're about to use. This will definitely help you choose rightly with the prescription, assistance and advice of your doctor. 

8. Chemotherapy: In the case of chemotherapy, you can request for "hypothermia caps" to prevent hair loss. However, you're prohibited from using it when cancer is present in the scalp's skin or in the case of lymphoma or leukemia. The cap really reduces the risk of losing one's hair during chemotherapy. 

9. Hair Transplant: Hair transplant can be done to help grow back hair in bald areas. This is actually quite expensive and requires 4-8 hours of surgery. 

10. Drugs: There are some drugs that have been said to be effective for the treatment of hair loss. Those drugs are: minoxidil, and finasteride. For alopecia areata, steroid injections are being used.

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