Health Benefits of Water You Should Know

Water is an inorganic, translucent, tasteless, odourless , and colorless substance, which is the main constituent of Earth 's hydrosphere (about 71% of the earth is made up of water) and the fluids of all known living organisms. It is essential to life and very vital for survival. It's chemical formula is H2O,(subscript 2) which indicates that each molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. It is one of nature's purest gift bestowed on us by God. It usually signifies life and growth. It is a natural cleanser as well. Water has several health benefits for the human body. One bad attitude I have towards drinking water is that I can finish a whole meal and sometimes I'd even go out before remembering that I haven't had a single drop of water, 😂. In my language, they refer to people like us as: 'a je okuta ma momi',  meaning: 'one who eats stone without drinking water'.  I'm changing though. It is expedient to take sufficient quantity of water always for your well-being. 

Ten Health Benefits of Water

1. Water helps in regulating the body's temperature. When the temperature is high, water is oftentime used as a coolant, since it is a natural coolant. 

2. Water helps treat kidney stones, it helps in the dissolution of those stones. 

3. Water moistens tissues, such as those in the mouth nose and eye. 

4. Water aids weight loss. This is possible since water aids digestion. Taking sufficient water helps regulate our food intake quantity as well. 

5. Water aids digestion. It is pertinent to take sufficient quantity of water while eating for quick digestion. 

6. Water hydrates us. Water is a natural hydrant, therefore, it prevents dehydration. 

7. Water maintains body's fluid balance. The human body is composed of 60% water, it is therefore important to maintain our body fluid through regular intake of water. 

8. Water prevents constipation. It does this by aiding bowel movement. 

9. Water helps lubricate our joints. This is because it is a major component of synovial fluid whose main function is to lubricate the joint, avoid friction and aid easy movement.

10. It helps transport nutrients to the body and oxygen to the brain and cells. 75% of the blood is made up of water and blood does all transportation of oxygen and nutrients, therefore, water indirectly helps in the transportation.

Endeavour to take at least 8 cups of water a day. You can also get hydrated through fruits and vegetables that have high water content such as: water leaf,  orange, watermelon etc. Thank you for reading. Stay healthy always, love and light. 



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