Hi there! I'M HABIT

Hi there, my name's habit, 

You have met me before, nay, you've dwelt with me before,

I remain dormant until you invite me willingly, 

You strengthen me by your consistent deeds, 

Invite me with your dominant thoughts,

Till I take over, seeping through your thoughts unconsciously and your actions, 

I gradually become an addiction, your innermost craving and desire,

I even make you dependent on me,

A regular companion and your projection, 

Like fire, I also can be the good master or a bad servant, 

But, you can break free, with the deepest consciousness, strongest will, accompanied with the most result action,

Though a lot of folks don't know,

I need you to survive, not the other way round,

I can be helpful though, in making or breaking you, depending on your choice,

I can help make or mar you,

So choose wisely today what you'd make of me.

Nuraini, Nafisat Abdulrahman

Shinning gem


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