How to Manage Stress Effectively

Stress has to do with serious exhaustion due to excess demands. A lot of people battle with stress almost on a daily basis; stress can be mental/emotional and physical. Managing stress effectively is important for optimal result and wellness after the work has been done. This article will elucidate the symptoms of stress and tips on how to manage stress effectively. 


1. Tiredness: Tiredness is a very prominent sign that you're stressed.

2. Insomnia: Having trouble sleeping is another indication that you are really stressed. If you just keep rolling on your bed for hours after a long day, you've probably encountered serious stress. 

3. Excessive Sleep: Contrary to the previous point, excessive sleep is another sign that you are greatly stressed. At this point, you might not even hear your alarm ring in the morning. It's more like your body is looking for a way to rest and regain strength. 

4. Heart Burn: Some people tend to experience heart burn when they are stressed. Chest and entire body pain is another red sign you shouldn't ignore. 

5. Lack of Concentration: When you're mentally, physically and emotionally stressed, you won't be able to concentrate or focus on a particular task, because all your body is clamouring for at that time is rest and peace. You might not be able to think straight and you would definitely not be able to deliver a good result. 

6. Anxiety: A stressed person is usually nervous, anxious and might lack good composure. 

7. Depression: Continuous exposure to stress might lead to depression. 

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Effective Tips for Managing Stress

1. Ensure that you rest and sleep well. It is good for your wellness. 

2. Learn to manage your time well, a time plan will come in handy here. 

3. Say no when necessary, saying no isn't a crime. Learn to prioritize and say no to unnecessary activities or favours that will weigh you down. 

4. Be realistic in your approach to life. Know when to draw the lines, work on realistic or feasible goals. You are only human after all, setting unrealistic goals and expectations will obviously get you stressed.

5. Balance diet is very vital, it'll help you get strength, nutrients and vitality for all round wellness. 

6. Exercise will help you keep fit, healthy and sound. When your body gets use to the physical activities of exercise, you'll be very much prepared and will easily adapt to work. It will help you work longer without getting tired easily. Mental exercises like mind games will help you think faster, smarter and sharp. 

7. Have fun, yes, 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' and it applies to you as well. Doing what you enjoy doing at your leisure time will help you loosen up, relax and relieve you of stress and every strain. Meditation also has a way of calming people down and it finds a way of calming both body and mind. 

8.Talking to someone you trust or a support group will help. Talking can be more of an avenue to let out all pent-up stress, anxiety and frustration. Talking always helps especially when done at the right time. 

9. Be optimistic because positive thoughts and attitude will strengthen you and eradicate stress. 

10. Avoid worrying and definitely don't over think things; remember you're human and you can't control everything. 

11. Limit or avoid alcohol, caffeinated, nicotine and carbonated drinks. Excess of everything is bad and taking these drinks excessively has adverse effects on your health. Make sure you stay hydrated (drink sufficient water). 

12. Create the world you want, stay happy, you're responsible for your happiness. Do not wait for others to make you happy. Keep good company that are interested in your well-being. Cheers, here's to a stress-free week.



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