Never Accept Favour Under These Conditions


Recieving favours is usually nice but, doing others favour, is actually nicer because, you get a chance to make others smile. Getting favour from others at the right time can be really handy, it can even be a life saver at that time or a great  source of happiness. Though we like to jump at favours, we should be mindful that there are red flags/signs we should look out for. It should be done with caution and discernment. Remember that you can only see people's actions, but not their heart and it isn't all that glitters that is gold, though gold does glitter (meaning there's still good out there). Evidently, one good turn deserves another. I have actually received favours that I do regret accepting, you might have found yourself in such situation as well. Be careful not to receive favours that will haunt you or serve as bait; and darling, be careful not to do favours you will regret doing too. 

When Not to Accept Favour

1. Never accept favour if you'll lose your self respect. A good name is better than riches, your respect matters a lot. If the favour will cost you your self esteem, turn it down. If the person offering the favour has been disrespectful to you, politely say no; recieving such favour will likely earn you more disrespect and public ridicule. 

2. If recieving the favour will make you lose your tongue and rights, please run from it. A lot of people has lost their right to speech and comfort all in the name of accepting little favours that didn't even last. If the favour will make you a mindless person without rights, please refuse it. If you wouldn't have a say after receiving the favour, you should decline.

3. More Indeptedness: If receiving the favour will leave you more indepted than before, please look away. Favours are meant to be helps and not additional problems. They are supposed to be solutions, not more problems or more debt. If it will bring you more loss than gain, don't consider it. Again, if that favour will end up slaving you at the long run, then don't go for it. 

4. If your instincts tells you to reject it, please do. There are a number of times that we regret not listening to what we feel inside. Some of these things actually appear harmless on the outside but at the long run, time reveals how mistaken we have been in believing they are harmless. Listen to your guts and instinct, they are usually nice pointers/indicators. They also give us warnings when something seems off.

5. Do not receive the favour if it will cost you your reputation. Nothing is worth the good reputation you've built overtime. Chance is that, the favour will definitely have an expiry date and it is easier to lose your reputation and trust than gain or build it. 

6. Do not receive the favour when it threatens to make you compromise. If you'll have to do something despicable or immoral to pay back, then don't even receive it in the first place. If it's not in line with your standards as well, do not go for it. 

7. If your helper actually wants to date you and you do not want that, please kindly turn down favour from that person. Receiving favour continuously indicates interest and acceptance and it will be very wrong to mislead that fellow. Besides, when you feel you owe the person too much, you wouldn't be able to turn the person down later, even when it is against your will.

8. Don't accept that favour if it is against your belief. Religion is meant to be a guide and light, so it's mostly not good for you if it's against your faith. 

9. If it will make you lose your peace and rest of mind, flee from the favour. Don't even think about it or consider it.


  1. If the favor is going to cost you your peace of mind, respect or something valuable to you, then it's no longer a favour.
    Thank you for this post ma.


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