Not Too Young To Rule: 4 Times Desmond Elliot Proved Young Leaders Might Still Fail Us

 Following the series of events in Nigeria in the past few weeks, there has been a visible show that the leaders have failed the people largely. The abuse of power, the unethical use of military power, the violation of human rights, the insensitivity towards the need of the people and use of thuggery to disrupt protests clearly points towards a failed state heading towards anarchy. This has led to the conclusion that the old have no vision for the country, they all have one goal which is personal gain, power and affluence. Many have thought it is time for the youths to take over, the young people who are focused, intelligent and selfless to handle political officers as it is widely believed among youths that this will bring a change in governance and the political system in general. During the Endsars protests, Zealous youths rose up in one accord to fight for the rights of others and demand a better Nigeria, this bold move even produced the instigation that a new party be formed called YDP Youth Development Party. And this garned a lot of support. One of the young leaders supposed to set a pace and be a good example of youth leadership is Desmond Elliot popularly known for his role in the Movie Industry. Now this promising young man has been a disappointment largely to those who expected better from him. Below are four times he failed Nigerians. 

1. I Am A Product Of Godfatherism: During the Edo elections, while arguments and disagreements were raging about the stance of Tinubu gaining grounds in Edo in Support of Ize Iyamu as a Godfather, Member Lagos State House Of Rep Desmond Elliot boldly came out to say he is a product of Godfatherism and there is nothing wrong with it. He defended the point blatantly without assessing his words. This brought a lot of questions as to his eligibility as a public office holder. 

2. Commissioning Of Dog House and Two Buckets: During the Covid 19 pandemic, Desmond Elliot commissioned two buckets as seen in the public above to a commercial vicinity that holds over 8 thousands people. He happily commissioned this for use and put it on his social media handles proudly declaring his achievements. 

3. Regulate The Social Media: while defending the statement of the minister of information and communications Lai Muhammad on regulating the social media before it destroys them, Desmond backed this claim saying the social media should be strictly regulated for the news it carries especially twitter. At a point, the government considered banning twitter in Nigeria but then the people ask, why do they feel threatened by the social media if they have nothing to hide? 

4. If You're Tired, Join Government: Today Desmond Elliot made a comment on criticisms on inefficiency on the part of public officers and the best thing he had to say was, "If you're tired, Join Government". This statement indirectly states that, if you think it's easy, come here and do it. A lot of insults and jibes have been thrown at him since he made the controversial statement online. He also called the youths'children' and stated that there will be no Nigeria in 5 years under their governance.

Also there's another young senator in Abuja, Senator Abbo who slapped a sex toy attendant in her store over a little misunderstanding thereby, failing the youth of good representation. 

Not too young to rule, are the youths capable? If the youths will take over, then we need those who have what it takes.


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