Police deploy Helicopter to arrest looters As Abuja Nysc Camp is Torn Apart


Looters have been on rampage since the past week. It is quite surprising how looting of palliatives gradually, graduated to looting of private and public businesses and warehouses. Nysc camps have not been left out.

Hoodlums have reportedly broken into the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Kubwa, Abuja. Their orientation camp was ransacked and left with almost nothing. 

A large number of looters took foodstuffs and mattresses. These items are very crucial since those camped there will need them.

This is such a pity because the camps are meant to be open to corp members and officials. The programme is evidently supposed to resume on that day after a long period of setback (due to Covid and safety measures).

However, the security men there tried to stop the hoodlums by shooting sporadically. A police helicopter was also seen flew towards the camp.

There have been so much news of looting in different parts of the country and various organisations. It is actually causing a lot of setback to businesses and fear among the good citizens of the country. The security force however, is trying its best to put an end to it and working towards restoring calm and normalcy to every part of  the country.

Source: This Day


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