Policemen Cause Roadblocks and Points Firearms at Drivers in Lagos (Details)


Over the past week, there has been fear in Lagos as hoodlums cause mount roadblocks and rampage the city. On the contrary, officer of the Nigeria Police Force were reported to have blocked the road and cause traffic jam at Ojuelegba in Lagos state.  People who witnessed the event have  recounted that more than 6 policemen caused roadblock with their vehicle.

They are reportedly positioned near to the barracks. They are also allegedly disrupting the free flow of traffic towards Yaba. People are a bit jittery with the appearance of the men in black.

No one understands why that is happening. However, people are fear-ladened already and are trying to stay safe. No one has reported any act of violence or harassment from them yet.

“We don’t know why they are standing like that but I didn’t see anything bad happening while coming from Yaba”, said a witness on the other side of the road.

“Some are scared because they pointed guns at people. They crossed the road with their vehicle and are not saying anything.”

Furthermore, another person confirmed the situation of things. He took to his Twitter account to advise people to desist from going to that area for the time being. It is clear that he was very concerned and was trying to look out for others. The social media handle is @ Omo19910.

He tweeted that: “If you are going towards Ojuelegba, stadium as if you are going to Mushin or Oshodi, don’t pass there, the police station there just blocked the road."

He went ahead to add that: “Every one of them came out with guns and crossed their vehicle on the road. Crazy traffic that side”.

It will actually be a wise decision if the police act carefully, because the past week and the week before has been traumatic for all. It all began with the end SARS and stop police brutality campaign and protest. A lot of people have been clamoring for reform in the police unit. It is actually obvious that no one is against the police, especially with the fact that the protestants asked for a raise in their salary. The citizens are merely concerned about their safety and rights. People are likely more scared because it does not appear like the normal security check.

Source: Daily Post


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