Ten Soft Skills Every Employer is Looking For But Will Never Disclose to You

Most times a lot of people worry about the criteria for getting certain jobs. However, a lot of people are versatile with and improve on their  hard skills but, overlook expedient soft skills. Soft skills are a set of skills that will encourage productivity, innovation, encourage team work, see to the smooth running of the organisation and coordination. It is very crucial for employees to possess them because the utilisation of such skills leads to the growth, development and uniqueness of such company. These soft skills will be discussed in the article. 

1. Good Communication Skills: Communication is the vehicle to smooth running of the organisation. It is key to growth and nurturing of relationship, even at work place. Having good communication skills will enhance successful passing of information that will elicit feedback, it will help build healthy relationship with coworkers and clients, settle misunderstandings peacefully, build trust, encourage cooperation, and create a good and healthy work environment. Listening empathetically without judging is a good feature here too. 

2. Critical Thinking and Analysis: This is a very important skill that all should attain and develop. Every employer wants an employee with these skills. Critical thinking is the ability to think outside the box, to see far beyond the confines of the present situation. It is also a skill that helps with foresight and leaves no stone unturned. It helps employees to see something beyond what it appears to be, the advantages, disadvantages, the effects in several years to come, and it helps in good decision making. 

3. Innovation: Innovation is of high value in the market. This skill helps you think of new, unusual ideas and guides you in following through with the implementation. An innovative employee will help the company stand out and raise or maintain the company's standard of originality and creativity. 

4. Comportment: How an individual comports him or herself is very important. An employee who is well organised even in the midst of rancour is a plus to the company. Such employee can work under pressure without distraction and confusion. Some employees are very disorganised and end up wasting so much time on invaluable tasks; these people will do things in bits without finishing any on time. An organised employee will be able to meet up with deadlines, organise tasks according to urgency and importance and be more productive. 

5. Responsibility and Accountability: Employees who are responsible and diligent are usually committed to their tasks and make amends after apology where they are lacking. They are intentional about improving at their duty post. There are situations where people argue over responsibilities, and choose the blame game instead of doing the needful, saving time and moving forward. A responsible employee is key to the company's growth. Accountability encourages transparency and trust, accountable employees are honest and work towards getting better results. 

6. Social Skills: This is important, because there are times that work will take employees to social environment/setting, and the ability to socialise will help the employee maximally utilise the time. For example: a dinner meeting could come up with a client. Your social skills at that point might help win over that client. Through socialising at other events, an employee will definitely meet or get more potential clients. A good sense of humour can be helpful here. 

7. Team Work: No matter how introverted an employee is, such person would have to learn how to come out of their protective shells, and work with others. No man is an island and an employee can not make a company, other people would have to come in. Learning to work with people peaceably is very important. Teamwork produces faster, effective and better results. 

8. Personality: Portraying a friendly personality will attract others to you. Knowing how to exhibit self control regardless of the situation is quintessential. These are things that your employer and other employees will admire in you but might never tell you. Keeping your emotions in check; using your strengths, and working on your weakness are all necessary. 

9. Time Management: Time is life, time is an invaluable asset. Ability to keep to deadlines will be appreciated. Punctuality to work is a good skill too. 

10. Adaptability: Adaptability is a very important part of the skill set. Ability to adapt quickly to the environment and the situation around will help an employee settle down quickly and become productive in time. 

Every employer looks out employees with these skills. Therefore, an employee with these skills is an invaluable asset to any employer. Strive to become better, thank you for reading through.


  1. Thanks for this insight, I've really gained a lot. Soft skills is indeed important.

    1. You're welcome, do visit often for more inspiring posts.


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