The Best Candidate for 2023 Elections

There has been so many feud about bad governance in the country. A lot of people are disappointed because those in power (in different sectors) have not quite reached up to expectation and there's so much controversy about who is to be voted for in 2023 election.

The youths generally are against recycling of those in power. That is a wonderful idea because, having new hands on deck indicates new ideas, fresh solutions and perspectives. This might bring about the long awaited change needed for the country's progress.

Another good criteria is a candidate who is knowledgeable about the law. It's definitely not enough to know the law, it's even more important to respect and obey the law. There have been shocking discoveries about past leaders (all over the world) who have broken the law or manipulated it for their personal gratification. This is a very bad example for upcoming leaders. This is extremely bad for the victims of these atrocities, in this case, the citizens.

An indispensable criteria is the individual's personal life and character. A person who has bad character will not just automatically become a virtuous person with power. What power does is that, it reveals a man's true nature more. If the person is greedy, with power he'll most likely become greedier and vice versa. The person's character and history will go a long way to help us know who he really is and decide if he is fit to rule us. Voting in leaders is indirectly placing our lives in their hands. Let's ruminate on this example as well: Mr A cannot take care of himself, not to talk or his immediate family, how is he supposed to take care of a nation, state, constituency? How responsible is that person?

Integrity and accountability are two hallmarks of excellence. A good leader needs to be accountable, open about whatever he is doing and be a man of integrity. It baffles me a lot when people vote men of questionable character or people that lack integrity into power, and expect them to suddenly change in office. It's highly disappointing that men who are still battling with cases of abuse, misuse of power, lack of integrity and embezzlement still end up being the people's choice after all. A man just finished his first tenure where he only executed 20% of his proposed/promised project/agenda, yet citizens still voted him in for 2nd tenure and expect a better result. We have to start doing things differently to get a different and better result.

'A man of the people' who is really a son of the soil is a very good candidate. What this means is that a person who really knows the people, and what is needed where he is situated will be able to serve the people better. He will be able to address the underlying challenges. For instance, a Nigerian in diaspora who grew up abroad, and only came down to contest might lack in depth knowledge of the environment compared to a man who spent his whole life in Nigeria.

'The people's choice' is a better candidate than 'godfather's choice'. The people would have good reasons why they chose the person. Knowing he's the people's choice will also motivate and prompt him not to let the trust reposed in him down. He would be mindful of making the best choices for those people who undoubtedly love and support him. He would definitely want to give back to the society.

Leadership skills will definitely help anyone in governance. The experience garnered from other leadership position will guide him better. He will be able to avoid mistakes made in the past.

A realistic, yet empathetic person is another good choice. One who will be able to face the problems of the country head on without being clouded with emotions will be a good leader. A leader mustn't also lack empathy, everyone loves those who can relate with their fears and feel what they feel. One who is able to put his feet into the people's shoe will clearly see their plight and attend to it in the best way.

In my own opinion, one who meets all these conditions is the best candidate for the next presidential election (including other elections that will come up). The next election is beyond party, tribe, religion preference etc. It is about our future, everyone, young and old are to consider these points to choose the best candidate who will help build a better Nigeria. Together we can, united we stand for the peace and progress of the country. Every one is encouraged to go out, and decide the future of the nation by their votes.

Who in your own opinion is the best candidate for 2023 presidential election?


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