Death, the equalising humbler, 

The one who strips men bare of all possessions and titles, 

Replacing them with the title 'late',

O death! The tireless harvester,

The reaper who doesn't sow, 

The master of sorrowful surprises, 

He swims in streams of tears, 

Basks in the agony of the bereaved, 

Drools on deep, glottoral sobs.

Rides on the solitude of fear, 

Makes men servitude, 

It's the one word that all silences all, 

And makes the mighty tremble.

Rejoice no more, oh death! 

You are just a necessary phase for transition, 

A mark for a new beginning, 

You are not to be feared but braced up for, 

You have been triumphed over by the Messiah, 

You are a passage to a better life, 

Celebration of life it is, not painful exit, 

The exit brings peace, life a new, 

You death, are just a process for rebirth,

You are quite powerless, only a routine,

You are as helpless as your victims, 

Our victory is in the Light we now have, in the one who conquered you. 

Yours in scribbling,

Nuraini, Nafisat Abdulrahman

Shinning Gem


  1. Love the part of rejoice no more death because you are just a necessary phase of transition.

    You write well
    Thank you

    1. Thank you so much. I'm inspired by your comment.


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