Garnished with scars from burns,

Beautified with marks from wounds,

Adorned with scratches from falls,

She stood aloof, as proud, fierce and bold as a lioness,

Roaring jest away,

Drowning dejecting, insignificant voices,

Challenging the tide and gliding on the storm like a mighty, focused eagle.

Your skin looks like a leopard, too spotted, she was told,

She only grinned and laughed like a hyena,

A leopard is a strong, beautiful and well decorated animal, she returned.

I am in the least unique,

You look too small for your age, others yelled,

Their eyes bulging like a balloon ready to burst,

At least, I look ever young, she thought.

The burns at 10 left her skin glued to her clothes,

Part of her body boiling, another part sizzling,

It left her less motionless and gifted the bathroom floor with a mixture of urine and blood,

Left her constantly lying on her stomach,

Gifted her the constant smell of dettol antiseptic,

Every rainy season would plaster her skin with blisters, 

All taught her to embrace her more coloured self,

Made her realise she was like none other and would never be,

Nevertheless, in there lay her strength and beauty.


Shinning gem


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