Dangers of Using Waist Trainers (Girdles/Corsets)


Girdles/corsets are waist trainers. They are used by ladies to have the perfect shape. It helps change their appearance and resize temporarily. 

It is usually used by nursing mothers after birth. This is usually before their stomach retracts back to its normal size before pregnancy. This is the classical reason a lot of people know,  including me. It is an intricate part of ball gowns and wedding gowns too.

Some dangers have been associated with the use of girdle which a lot of peopled are oblivious of. Aside causing physical inconvenience and discomfort, there are more serious health issues associated with its use. Doctors and the medical community discouraged its use because it's too risky and has little advantages. The behavioral disadvantage also is that some have lost their confidence without it and are now addicted to it.

Six Health Issues Associated With Waist Trainers

A. It causes compression which can lead to lung problems, skin infections, kidney and pulmonary issues.

B. Dr Gayla stated that: "if started at a young age before the body and muscles have fully developed, waste training could have potentially permanent health risks for young people." It's more harmful to young people than adults.

C. Waist trainers might lead to organ shift. Some organs might move upward and others lower, since the tightening will exert so much pressure. Resizing will definitely affect internal organs placement.

D. It might lead to constipation and increased heart burn. 

E. Use of girdle during exercise might lead to dehydration. Studies have revealed that people who use girdles while exercising sweat a lot more. 

F. Pseudo Shape: A waist trainer might temporarily give you the perfect hour glass shape while on but, everything will fall back into place when it goes off. It tends to give slimmer look to its user too, however, it's false. It doesn't reduce fats in anyway. It can get you comfortable into thinking you've burned fats and lost some weight, meanwhile, a critical evaluation without having it on will show you the truth. People eat unhealthy junks and add up more weight even when it's unsafe since girdle can easily cover up for them.

Safety Guildelines

1. Wear for a short time and it's advisable not to use it always.

2. If you're still growing, desist using girdles, do not let it deter your growth.

3. Stay hydrated, drink sufficient quantity of water, eat fruits and vegetables that have high water content.

4. Do not eat with a girdle on, try not to use it immediately after eating too.

5. Consuming healthy meals and exercising regularly are better and safer ways to lose weight and get in shape.

One last things beautiful readers, get in front of a mirror and say to yourself that: "I am beautiful just the way I am, I am unique, I have the perfect shape, I am wonderfully made, I choose to stay healthy".

I also want to have the perfect shape, but girl, I'll do it the right way. My health matters more, besides, have you ever seen a sick person looking radiant?


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