How to Stay Self-Motivated


How do you get self-motivated when you're totally discouraged? I tend to get very discouraged when things are not working as planned, when the results aren't as anticipated. Sometimes, it even feels as if nothing is working and I lose all the will power to do anything. I've discovered that it's easier for me to get discouraged than get and stay motivated, another tip is that I'm partly a phlegmatic. However, some tips have been useful for me to stay right on track despite disappointment and I'd love to share them with you in today's post. 

1. The overall purpose and little goals set to achieve the big picture is something that keeps me going and have me retry. When I focus on the goal and I'm overwhelmed by how better it is compared to the hurdles I'm facing, I get back up. I tell myself that: Jummy you can do better. 

2. I look at better role models. The truth is that some of them have had to go through harder challenges and have come up stronger and better. Seeing where they currently are and how resilient and dedicated they are motivates me. I don't wait for others to try motivate them, I just get that vibe from them. Just when you think they have had it all, gotten to the apex and you hear them mention bigger goals, it's enough inspiration for you to do better. You don't even need anyone to try motivate you. 

3. Talk it out o, talk to someone you know that will help. It isn't all your friends that are empathetic listeners, some are great for fun, attending programmes together etc, you know where each person in your life belong. Talking will help you access the situation better. I have been like: 'it's not possible' and while still saying that I'd continue with '...unless....' And right there, I'll start seeing the solution even before getting suggestions from the other person. Other times, I need an input from those wise people. 

4. I celebrate the little victories. Yes o, after doing well in a test, I'll celebrate in my own little way 😂, after attaining a goal, I do treat myself to movies or a nice meal sometimes, that way, I'm motivated for exam or other challenges. Don't be too hard on yourself darling, you'll end up too stressed.

5. Set up realistic goals, they help. Some people can be like in 2 years time, I'll have like 4 houses,  two multinational companies, 5 estates etc. When they realize they have not gotten half of it after a year, they lose all inspiration, motivation and probably get depressed. It's totally healthy and wonderful to dream big, in fact, don't let your goals limit you but be factual as well. 

6. Critically evaluate and review over time.  I'll quickly share something with you, during the pandemic, I felt as if I was static, not progressing or moving forward but when I seriously thought about it, I got thankful to God because I realised that it was during that period that I started taking writing seriously, did some courses and started publishing on Opera and later, my blog. What I am saying in essence is that, reviewing all that has happened will help you realise that some good things have happened even when it seems nothing good did. You are no longer where you were to start with and you've still got life. 

That's it for today on self-motivation. I'd love to hear from you, kindly share with us how you self-motivate. Let's know if this post has been helpful. Thank you for staying with me.


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