Igbo Presidency: Second Civil War Looms – Fani Kayode Warns


Femi Fani-Kayode an activist, social media influenced and a former minister of aviation talked on the possible outcome of continuous deprivation of the Ignorance from Nigeria's presidency. His speech a call of caution to the leaders and the nation as a whole. He explained that for peace and unity to reign in the nation, presidency should be allotted to the Easterners come 2023. This wake up call was done on Tuesday (17-11-2020). He took to his twitter page to relate his fears concerning the issue. 

He succinctly said that: “If we don’t build bridges of peace today our country will suffer a 2nd civil war and cease to exist.”

He didn't only state his fears and possible consequences, he also stated feasible solution to the situation on ground. Fani-Kayode warned that the country might experience a second civil war if efforts are not made to restore peace. He is known for stating his views about matters arising on the media. 

Consequently,  he disclosed that: “If the Presidency doesn’t come to the South in 2023 our country will break and cease to exist. If we don’t restructure at the soonest our country will break and cease to exist".

He expressed his concerns about the issue.  He also said his biggest fear is that if things continue this way,  the country might cease to exist in 2023.

It is worthy of note that the Igbo leaders have shown their disapproval for not having the position for about 50 years.  They have spoken up a number of times to show that they are due for Presidency in 2023.

Source: Daily Post


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