Indispensable Inventions that were Created by Mistake

 Inventions are basic for human survival and ease. Inventions are planned and strategically structured but sometimes mistakes happen and the designs don't turn out as expected. While some of these mistakes are a blessing in disguise others are extremely dangerous and can lead to massive destruction. Stay with us and see these amazing inventions that were created as a result of mistakes. 


Dynamite was created by mistake in 1867 by a German Scientist named Alfred Nobel. Alfred was popularly known for his explosives and skills in chemical compositions and mixtures to creates blasts. While trying to create a new explosive, his mixtures stumbled into a different invention known today as Dynamite.


Ink jet printer came into existence from the mistake of a United States Canon engineer when he rested his hot iron on his pen, as a result, it melted the ink onto the paper and led to its packaging.


Coca Cola was created by a lieutenant who was also a pharmacist, he got wounded and got addicted to morphine to help soothe the pain, later, his experiments with coca and coca wines in order to reduce the opium led to the creation of Coca Cola which contained kolanut and Damiana.


While working on a Magnetron Emitting device, a US Scientist, Percy Spencer in 1945 thought about how he could melt the chocolate in his pocket so he decided to try and see the strength of the Magnetron Emitting device by putting the chocolate bar in it. It got melted and that was how we came to have our microwaves today


Super glue came into existence in 1942 when the United States Scientist Dr Harry Coover tried to make a formulation for clear plastic gun sights to be used on guns for the second World War, while it didn't work for sight, it worked as a great adhesive.


As a result of consistent complains by customers of a New York restaurant about their potatoes being too thick and soggy, the chef decided to slice them thinner and he sprinkled more salt on it for taste, the output of this complain is what is popularly known as potato chips.


Discovered in England, 1826 by John Walker, the phosphorus filled paper was kept in a vacuum glass and when it accidentally fell off the table, the content ignite. This led to the restructuring of matches into sticks when he put the phosphorus at the end of short light woods and let them freeze.


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