Lagos Command Dismisses 10 Policemen for murder, corruption, others (details)

Part of the agitations of the #EndSARS protesters was for police welfare to be improved and for police brutality to come to a halt. The government made a promise to the protesters that work will begin immediately on their complaints. This act by the Lagos state command is noble and has been put in place to show that no one is above the law (not even the enforcers). 

Olumuyiwa Adejobi, Lagos police Public Relations Officer disclosed today, Wednesday 11-11-2020 in a statement that the Lagos State Police Command has dismissed 10 police men. These men are  reportedly for several offences including: murder, gross misconduct, excessive use of power, corrupt practices, and negligence.

It was attested that some of the dismissed police officers were reportedly serving under Lagos State Police Command. However, others were various police formations within the state.

The statement was captured under the caption: ‘Lagos command kicks against indiscipline, dismisses 10 personnel’. It is worthy of note that Hakeem Odumosu (the Lagos State Commissioner of Police)  had earlier revealed that the force is being sanitised. This new development is actually making that statement visible.

The statement reveals that, “In its bid to promote discipline and core values of policing in Lagos State, the Police Command has tried 81 personnel for various criminal and disciplinary offences that were committed between October 2019 and October 2020, ranging from murder, discreditable conducts, excessive use of power, corrupt practices and negligence."

It went on to point out that:  “Ten personnel were dismissed. In addition, eighteen 18 of the men were reduced in ranks and 29) were awarded #10 naira major entries and warning letters accordingly. Others were awarded extra fatigue while 16 of the men were discharged and acquitted for want of evidence. The personnel tried in the orderly room proceedings conducted at various locations in Lagos State included 45 Inspectors. Similarly, some senior officers of the command have been queried for various disciplinary offences and the queries are being processed at the Force Headquarters Abuja for necessary action and punishments. The trials were instituted based on a series of complaints/allegations leveled against them.”

Source: The Punch


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