Here am I, away from prying eyes and questioning gaze,

Far away from demands and pushes,

This place makes Mr immune to striving,

For I find comfort at its fullness here,

Oh! I long to be here often,

For here I'd have to think less and work even lesser.

Here, I rest and rest till even rest eludes me,

Thought and critical wracking of brain eludes me like a plaque,

My nerves calm and try not as much to get a stir,

My soul and body gets relaxed here, lazy isn't the word, I prefer the word relaxed,

How I crave for this place, 

For I get no pushes with my security walls always up,

How be it ye say mediocrity is a subset of my comfort zone?

I choose to say I'm in no competition with no man instead,

I choose to walk and work at my own pace, whatever ye call it I care less,

How dare you say comfort zone is an abbatoir in progress, a slow poison, a retardant,

It makes me cringe to hear you say I'm not maximizing my potentials,

I see my comfort zone as a snail sees it's shell, recoiling into it at the slightest sign of danger, hardship or challenge, 

Call it whatever you wish , it remains my safe haven.

Yours in scribbling,

Nuraini, Nafisat Abdulrahman,

Shinning Gem


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