Restrain Buhari from Medical Trips - Senate (Details)


The State House official had presented a budget of N19.7bn for 2021. N1.3bn out of it was slated the State House Clinic. The main reason is for the clinic to be functional, equipped, and up to standard so as to avoid extra expense and stress of travelling abroad for treatments (particularly, the president and top officials).

The Senate on Thursday (5-11-2020) told State House officials to stop the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd), from foreign trips for medical treatment. The State House clinic has unfortunately not been functional prior to this time. The goal is for it to start functioning properly before the year runs out.

Tijani Umar (State House Permanent Secretary), defended his 2021 budget estimates before the panel. While, this was going on the the Senate Committee on Federal Character and Intergovernmental Affairs issued the warning.

Senator Danjuma La’ah (Chairman of the Senate Panel) stressed on the proposal. He stated that the committee would approve the budget for the State House Clinic. He in turn, impressed that the President of the country and  top officials should no longer be flown abroad for medical treatment.

The Permanent Secretary was interviewed by journalists where he  vowed to put everything in place to meet the medical needs of the President and other top officials. This will be done once the budget is approved.


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