Revealed: N20m Earned Monthly by 362 Ghost Workers In Ekiti

A committee was set up by Ekiti State Government to investigate discrepancies and anomalies amongst workers in the state. The committee discovered that 362 ghost workers have been receiving N20 million monthly in the state. An order was given by the state government that payments to all ghost workers should cease immediately.

The committee's report  was delivered to Governor Fayemi, Ekiti state Governor. The result was revealed by the Commissioner for Local Government and Community Development, Prof Adio Afolayan in Ado Ekiti, the state's capital.

The 362 ghost workers were affirmed to be on government's payroll as at June of this year. They were discovered in the local government sector of the state. The state's Accountant-General was instructed to stop the salaries of the ghost workers.

All undue and illegal salaries earned by the ghost workers would be deducted from their pension and gratuity. The committee made this viable suggestion. The commissioner pointed out that ghost workers and their accomplices will be charged for fraud. All heads of departments were admonished to ensure there is discipline in their various departments. e governor said he will act on the  recommendations made by the committee with immediate alacrity.


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