Silver Lining in the Cloud

The epidemic came and slowly transcended to pandemic, 

Chaos, anger and hunger were it's accompaniment, 

Tears, depression, sorrow and death its achievement, 

It's gradual leave took jobs and well-being along, 

It snatched mothers from daughter, sons from fathers,

Bruising all dreams and leaving people empty. 

It was as if thick cloud with darkness descended heavily, 

Bestowing desolation on them, 

Turning houses to cells, 

Albeit, it brought light, real values were gained, 

Rest and family became priority, 

Love spread like wildfire, and strength was ignited from one person to another, 

Families and relationships mended and blended, 

It became a rebirth,

It was a silver lining in the cloud.

Yours in scribbling, 

Nuraini, Nafisat Abdulrahman

Shinning Gem


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