The Pastor's Wife

"Their source of income is none of my business, all I'm concerned about is them paying tithes, special dues, free will offerings, donations and gift to the church and the pastor", she opened her basket of a mouth and all manner of thoughtless words poured out. I was bewildered, I'm sure my eyes must have looked like they were about to pop out or strained balloons about to burst. I just sat like a mute, my brain went quite blank, other listeners just shouted 'haa' in unism like a well trained choir. Even her friend asked how she could say that but she blatantly continued, obviously undisturbed by people's expression.

"Oh yes! (rolling her large eyeballs) Won't the pastor and his family eat and cater for themselves too, don't they have needs to meet? Answer me nau." She bluntly continued narrating: "In fact, there was this man who wasn't doing well financially, he suddenly came last year and gave us a hundred thousand naira, we were happy beyond words and 'blessed' him. We haven't seen him after that, but we hope to have more members like that who will give freely to us, their work and source is their business. My major concern is to keep getting from them".

We were Iya Taju's shop, a seamstress, her place was just a stonethrow from mine. I had gone there for amendment of some clothes. Coincidentally, the pastor's wife, Mommy T had come to pay her friend a visit. It was during this visit that she fed our ears with her greed and shallowness. She was filled with vain emptiness. I suddenly remembered a wise man who said: 'you're poor if all you have is money. It was a pity that she didn't even have the money to start with. Prior to that time, I had respected her so much as a pastor's wife who took her vocation serious. Did I remember to say that she's a caterer who is a mother of three? She was the perfect example of a modest wife, good friend and great mother to me. She must have a good quantity of the word of God in her I had always imagined but this experience was the great revealer. She isn't a Christian, I concluded, no Christian should ever talk this way. She isn't even fit for a pastor's child, not to talk of a pastor's wife who others will cry out their hearts and run to for advice.

Unfortunately, Mummy T hadn't concluded her show of shame and foolishness. Her voice cut through my thought and  jerked me back to reality. 'If you ask me, I don't and will never blame those who go into cyber crime, the economy is hard, they're not doing no wrong and they just need to survive. You see those people who seek help and protection through other means aside God, I don't blame them as well. Or what do you have to say to a woman praying for a child for ten years?' Without waiting for an answer she continued: 'She is more than right to seek help outside the church'. Quite bewildered, it dawned on me that she was indirectly endorsing fetish ways. The whole shop was as quiet as a dry well. I internally wept for her and her members. She was like an open book with no content or at least, no good content. She didn't only lose her respect and admiration from all in that shop that afternoon,  she also lost her trust and friend. 

She had lovely and quiet kids who I now pity. I no longer wish to know her more. She was uncouth and was the type you'd admire before getting to know her. She was as shallow as breakable plate, she left nothing to your imagination when she opens her mouth.

Mommy T was dark and lanky, a woman who was well into her 30s, she commanded respect from afar and had the deceptive look of a quiet and gentle woman. She was known to have had many friends at different times (jumping from one to another). 

Five years after, she had a new church member, he was tall, dark and handsome and was perfect for her first daughter (she quietly thought). She warmly welcomed  him to the church after service and got to know about him while they were discussing. Mr E was a young, unmarried banker who was quite rich. Perfect, just perfect for T (she concluded deep within her). She made sure he started visiting and made acquaintance of her daughter. Within a short time, they were well into a blossoming relationship, she of course, made sure nothing was and would ever go wrong. Mommy T practically adored and protected her children, having a misunderstanding with the children was a danger zone for other children so they were a bit of loners except for few friends. She vowed they would never lack so she really pampered them. However, she trained them to the best of her ability. 

One fateful day, a child was seriously molested and harassed, a very young innocent girl. Fortunately for her,  while the incidence was going on that cold,  gloomy night,  the street's security man was passing by. 'Hey, what is happening there, who is that?'. 'Ermmm.... Nothing' the boy stuttered back. 'Who are you?, the security guard thundered back but the boy ran away, as fast as a jaguar, the security man could only console the girl and take her back home. 

The police knocked on Pastor's door the next day to invite Feyi over for questioning. They came as early as 6am, the previous night's incidence had been reported and the prime suspect had the same physique like Feyi. Mommy T swore, screamed and wept at the station, repeating continuously that it was not Feyi, he was a good kid and could never have done that. Unfortunately for them, Feyi had come home around 11pm while the incidence took place around 10:45pm. What made the matter worse was that girls were being raped for fetish reasons around that period to aid cyber crime. Mommy T tried convincing them by saying that investigation could be carried out in the community about Feyi. 

The police came with a report that Feyi didn't have anyone who could testify in his favour particularly but what was garnered was that: he was quiet,  kept to himself, was over pampered, and a night crawler. He added that some people said Mommy T who support anyone to do anything for money so what else can be expected from children from that background ...and since the girl couldn't recognise who it was that night,  the case got more complicated.

Eventually, he spent some years in prison, his sister got into an abusive marriage with the rich banker and was almost used for ritual by her husband before she narrowly escaped.  Mommy T was the most miserable of all. She understood that there are other things that are more valuable than money. She also got to know that training and disciplining the children's life equals rest in old age. She finally realized that she didn't qualify as a Christian and finally gave her life to Christ. She started preaching God's word without dilution or misinterpretation to suit her greed like she used to. Grace was on her side as her children started changing for the better but she learnt her lessons in a hard way. 


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