It was her 21st, but it was more than a number, 

Bigger than a birthniversary, more than an event, 

It was the tornado that upsurged, upturned, and tossed her,

Her friends surprised her with a party, 

Her mom swirled a diamond necklace on her, 

Her dad gave her a little encasement laddened with car keys, 

Her boyfriend swept her off her feet while on one knee, 

He muttered the four magic words that erupt tears and laughter at once, 

The world was bowing to her, 

Tirelessly working in a frenzy to please her. 

Night dawned on her with sleeplessness, 

Emptiness filled her up, 

She had more than her desires, 

But what next? What now? she soliloquised, 

She sought for more, 

This breathe has got to have more essence, 

Life's got to be more than a routine, 

She had to be more, give more, mean more, 

She was happy but empty, unsatisfied and unfulfilled, 

She remembered Sunday school at 8,

The teacher said the Father of Light lights up our way, 

She would seek Him and find her true path, 

Play her part and part the world a victor. 

She was made for MORE. 

Yours in scribbling, 

Nuraini, Nafisat Abdulrahman

Shinning Gem


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