The Sojourner

Sticky, filthy body, tired limbs, 

Focused eyes, strained and dimmed with the brightness of the sun, 

The road danced before him, 

It was topsy-turvy, like a roller coaster, 

Up down, high and low,

Bumpy, rough, and curvy route, 

Yet his resolve was resilient and irrefutable. 

A lorry crawled by, 

It's sound rumbling, 

It left the air stale and breathless, 

Dust accompanied it like a legion of army

Eyes were forced shut to see clearly,

The red, dusty, moth-like eaten road laid on, 

Away from home to lead back home.

He would return and shove enviness into all minds, 

They will look up to him, no longer down at him, 

He would stand taller than Everest, 

Higher than the skies, 

They would fight to speak to him, 

Struggle to reckon with and be seen with him, 

But above all,  he'd return home victorious, 

Proving them wrong, yet, happy and fulfilled. 

Yours in scribbling, 

Nuraini, Nafisat Abdulrahman

Shinning Gem


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