5 Destructive Habits that Hinders Progress

There are several habits that deters growth and progress. Stagnation and deterioration isn't always a result of chance, sometimes, they're as a result of what we do or don't (our actions and inactions). Five of those habits which hinders progress will be discussed in this article. 

1. Lack of Plan/Strategy: Having plans, goals and strategies on how to actualise them for your life and all that concerns you will help keep you on the right track. Proper planning and organising precedes success. A lot of people go into things without proper investigation, planning and strategising, they most of the times end up confused or they give up if they don't seek help urgently. 

2. Wrong Circle: Your circle matters a lot. Some people have been misdirected and failed as a result of their friends and circle. Keeping the wrong company is a bad habit/factor and a wrong circle is a big distraction and some people have the habit of meeting up with these people and doing unproductive activities with them. Those you surround yourself with will influence you through one means or the other, especially, your thoughts/views, your attitude towards life, decision making etc. If you have a goal oriented and successful circle, you'll learn about lot of valuable lessons from them and won't want to be left behind. They'll help inspire and encourage you to keep progressing as well. 

3. Spendthrift: This actually is extravagant and lavish lifestyle. This lifestyle is unhealthy especially when you don't have any money saved up or an investment that yields good profit. I'll classify impulse buying under this category as well, that is, buying things that are unplanned for, purchasing spontaneously. While that is fun, it tends to make you lose control and fall out of your budget. It is unwise especially if it's an habit. 

4. Pessimism: Pessimism doesn't only stagnates a person, it also makes one retrogress in the long run. It is a very bad habit that fills one up with fear and uncertainty, it stops one from trying new things and taking bigger steps. You can get rid of this attribute by having strong faith in God, it will definitely fill you up with positivity, peace and hope; analysing the situation effectively and trying what you fear. When you face your fears, you'll realise that they weren't even as scary and unattainable as you thought before giving them a shot. FEAR is an acronym that means false expectations appearing real. 

5. Lack of Evolution/Innovation: The world keeps evolving, if you can't be innovative and evolve with the world, you'll be left behind. Your innovations help you stay unique, it gives you an edge over other services/businesses because you'll have something different to offer that others can't. For example, if you run a simple store and everyone keeps upgrading and you don't, you'll gradually become irrelevant in your field and wouldn't be able to provide the necessary services your customers need. Lack of innovation (creativity) and evolution is the reason why a lot of businesses have faced out. Stay informed and innovative to remain relevant.

I hope you've learnt something valuable today, if you are guilty of any of these work on them so that they don't deny you of progress. Thank you for reading through, feel free to like, share, comment and follow.


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