Chronic Stress Can Lead to Death (See what should be done)

Chronic stress is continuous exposure to stress over a long period of time. What this means is that a person battling chronic stress might be exposed to it for days, weeks, months or even more. This stress might be physical or mental. It could be as a result of a very hectic job that requires overtime, travelling always etc, taking care of a loved one with a chronic condition, financial bankruptcy, unfavorable emotional situations like a heartbreak, continuous disappointments etc. Therefore, it could be an exposure to any situation that strains us physically or make us worry/sad without sufficient rest, change or solution.


There are several signs that are pointers that one is going through constant stress. They vary in intensity but all the signs adversely affect our well-being. It also hinders optimal productivity. The signs will be highlighted below. 

1. The individual is likely to experience depression. A once jolly person might become sardonic. 

2. Disinterest in almost everything is another symptom. 

3. They often experience insomnia (inability to sleep). 

4. They quickly get irritable. 

5. They struggle with focusing or concentrating on tasks or even details. This might in turn make them forgetful. They struggle to comprehend quickly and organise their thoughts too. 

6. They are usually always tense, very nervous and anxious about even little things. 

7. They are less productive and might complain of serious body pain. 

8. They might feel inadequate, totally helpless and unable to lead. 

9. Those who experience chronic stress might have stomach ache or gastrointestinal health problems. 

10. They will experience fatigue all the time. 

11. Constant fretting (worrying) and pessimism is another sign of chronic stress. 

11. These set of people are usually emotionally unstable. They even get frustrated at little mishaps. 

12. They might frequently be down with illnesses and diseases. 


Chronic stress might have an adverse effect on our health and make us susceptible to different health conditions. The diseases below have been traced to have something to do with chronic stress in some cases. They include: heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, low sex drive, obesity or low weight,  skin conditions (eczema, acne, pimples), bowel issues, ulcer, low sex drive, hyper thyriodism and psychological condition (depression). These are  health challenges that may lead to low esteem, relationship issues/breaks, health issues that may eventually lead to death if not managed properly. 


1. Psychotherapy sessions would be in order. It will be advisable to get help from an expert. The sessions would help a lot and remember that talking reliefs one too. 

2. Medications: Prescribed drugs will go a long way. Some of these drugs will help treat some of the signs. An antidepressant might be recommended depending on the case and severity. 

3. Resting whenever you can afford to will be nice, rest has a way of resetting the body and helping one recover. 

4. Get away from your environment or those situations for a bit if possible. If something stresses you continuously and it's something you can get away from, please do. You'll come back with greater energy to face it factually and more efficiently this time around  

5. Belief: Our faith helps relieve us of strains and worries. The Bible commands us to cast our cares on God and to stop worrying. With strong faith in God, you will be able to have peace and rest which will replace chronic stress. It will definitely help you have a positive attitude to everything and renew your strength. 

6. Meditations and exercise helps clear our head and ensures good rest. These two sharpens us and helps relax us. 

7. Create time for your hobbies, this will help you express yourself, it will be an outlet for your frustration and restlessness. Since you'll be engaging in activities you love, you'll be relieved of stress during and after it. 

8. Prioritise, use a time plan and say no when necessary. You can't do everything or please anyone. Prioritise your well-being, it's crucial. 

Hope you've gained a lot from this article? Thank you for reading through. Stay tuned for more insightful articles.


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