We share different things as a symbol of love, care and hospitality. It might seem like one harmless act, however, it's not all things that should be shared. Some things are to be kept for personal use, these things include: sponge, towel, tooth brush, our hair tools etc. We'll quickly discuss reasons why you shouldn't think of sharing your hair tools with someone else, no matter how close you are. If you must share them, you should however sterilise them first. 

1. Lice: Hair lice could be gotten from hair tools, pillows, head gears etc. Do not share hair tools to avoid getting it from another person. Hair lice easily reproduced on one's scalp. This is one serious battle you don't want to face, trust me.

2. Ringworm: Ringworm can be transmitted through hair tools. The scariest thing about ring worm is that it can cause temporary baldness at the affected area. It comes with other forms of discomfort like: redness, itch, and scruffy skin. 

3. Bacteria: Bacteria can be contained in hair tools and transferred to your hair when you share it with someone who has it. Example of this includes VRE. 

4. Bugs: Bugs like scabies breed on the scalp and aren't easy to get rid of as well. They cause rash. 

5. Infection: Staph infection lives in hair tools and it's transferable from one person to another through sharing. It leads to skin problem and might graduate to respiratory issues.

6. Dirts: You might end up transferring clogged dirts, scales, particles or dirty grease deposited from another person's hair to your hair through shared hair tools. This will eventually lead to you having dirty and unhealthy hair.

Your hair tools are your personal property, they are not public property, keep them clean. Thank you for reading through.


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