Effects of Plastic Surgery Everyone Should Know

Plastic surgery is a popular culture especially amongst young people and it became more popular and promoted because of celebrities and artists that have utilised it for reshaping and reconstructing. It includes face lift, nose surgery, fat expulsion from the stomach, A-ha, the one for that perfect figure 8 etc. 

Plastic surgery is a type of surgery that involves reconstruction and reshaping of the body. Sometimes, it is used for restoring the body to how it was before an incident or for reconstruction to how it should be for example, after an accident, contact with acidic or harmful chemicals that destroys some parts of the body, little disabilities that can be corrected, wounds etc. There are two major types: cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. It makes use of various methods like skin grafting (we can have autograph where skin would be cut off and rejoined to another part or xenograft (gotten from a different specie) or allograft (obtained from donor of a specie)).

Complications and Effects of Plastic Surgery 

Surgeries can be risky but more risky if complications arise during the surgery or after. Lots of investigations should be carried out by a qualified plastic surgeon before the surgery is scheduled and carried out, if results are not encouraging then it should be cancelled. 

1. 1 out of 5 patients who underwent breast implant will need to get them removed with 10 years. It is temporary for some. 

2. Allergic reactions can arise as a result of the surgery. People may also react to some drugs, anaesthetic, surgical instruments or other substances during the surgery. 

3. Breast implants may lead to rupture amongst other complications that can arise. 

4. The danger with facelift surgery is that it can cause interference with supply of blood to facial tissue, it is known as exfoliation.

5. Patient may become anemic during and after the surgery due to blood loss during the procedure. You know what they say, blood is life. 

6. Patient may encounter hair loss (alopecia) after surgery which may be temporary or permanent. However, another surgery for hair transplant may be done if it turns out to be permanent. Sincerely, going through a surgery after another doesn't sound nice. 

7. Some nerves might get hurt during the surgery which will affect the muscles they control temporarily. 

8. Another possible effect is hematoma(gathering of blood under skin). It results to pressure and swells. 

9. Inflammation can occur around the sites. 

10. Patient will definitely undergo body pains and discomfort before total recovery. However, there will be administration of pain killers. 

11. Patient might experience post surgery sicknesses like nausea, headache, body weakness etc.

Some people undergo plastic surgery for various reasons like aesthetics and others as a matter of necessity. If it is for aesthetic purpose, you should gain confidence and rebuild your esteem. You are beautiful in your own way, that's what makes you unique. However, it should be carefully thought about and qualified surgeons should be appropriate. Remember, life is priceless and health is better than wealth.


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