How to Cope with Depression

With total confidence, I stepped into the examination hall. Feeling my intelligence would do it all, I smiled within and carried myself with pride. On getting my Question paper, my heart was filled with joy, after all, M. Sc Entrance Exam isn't so difficult. Settling with it, I dealt thoroughly and properly using my time and extra. I left the hall with my head raised and my shoulders high, "Yes I finish work". Few months later, the admission list was released. Filled with anxiety and hope, I raced through my browser, pages and logged into the portal, my heart shattered on realising I've been left out despite the confidence and brilliance. Feeling my fingers trembling and voice breaking, I retired into my room with my empty feelings and shattered world. Yes, I just experienced my first major failure. Sleep would take my torture away but sleep didn't come, the thoughts kept coming, and tears started flowing.

Funny as it may sound, depression set in, food didn't seem edible, my lips closed to laughter and my mouth shut to speaking, staying alone with my wild thoughts seem the only escape to my situation. Thoughts of paradise brought peace and I couldn't find a way out.

Tee on the other hand would experience episodes of depression for no reason. He would suddenly become very sad after cracking a joke. He often lacked inspiration and energy. He started withdrawing a lot from others and sought solitude like never before. Sadness was always vivid in his eyes and he'll get lost in thought for hours. He lost interest in so much, even his hobbies. 

That is what depression does, it takes away your reality and replaces it with obscure and myopic fantasies. A lot of people are going through similar and even worse cases, some as a result of a broken relationship, failed marriages, job termination, loss of a loved one, disappointment, failure, unplanned pregnancy, terminal illnesses and so on. It may seem like the end, you may feel it is over, they may say you're finished, but as long as you're breathing, there's still hope for a brighter day. picking yourself up is hard, starting over is difficult, forgetting what you went through is almost impossible but what doesn't kill you should make you stronger. These few tips will make lighten your situation and bring you back up. 

1. Be Optimistic:

Optimism is the key ingredient to overcoming depression. Have the believe that from every bad situation comes a chance for a better one. Be positive in the hope that you won't be the first in that situation and you will overcome. 

2. Get Distracted:

Distractions go a long way in elevating depression. Depression kills faster when a person has no other thought than his/her circumstance. Do something you love doing best, watch movies that excite you, play games and do all that takes your mind off the thought. 

3. Talk To Someone:

Most times depressed people find it hard to open up and tell people about their problems. Some feel they wouldn't get the help they need, others fear they might be judged, while some just bottle it up because they lost all hopes. But talking to a person you trust helps, it frees your mind and lifts your soul. If you don't have a person you trust, then go see a counsellor or therapist, but don't keep it all within you. 

4. Pray:

A lot of speculations surrounds religion as to its originality or not but then God exists, he sees all and knows all. Pray to God, trust in him and know always that he is willing to listen when you speak. 

5. Company:

Surround yourself with people who truly love you. This may include friends, colleagues, neighbours, loved ones or any other person who will definitely help you stay happy. 

I'm happy to say, those tips worked for me, I found myself and if I could overcome then you can too. Always remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You are a WINNER.


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