Six Situations Where Silence is Golden

There are times when our silence communicates better than our words and there are situations our words might do more harm than good, other times, they simply do not add value, not because they aren't words of wisdom but because of so many predispositions. These situations greatly vary depending on the situation, the people, place, topic, time etc. I'll share with you six different times when it's better to remain silent than speak. 

1. Remain silent when you're still gathering your thoughts. If you talk at this point, you won't be able to state your point clearly and it might not get to opportunity to restate the now composed line of thought. 

2. Remain silent when and where your opinion wouldn't count. Why waste your energy and pointe de view when no one will utilize it. When your opinion is needed it will be sought, otherwise, you might appear like a talkative whose words aren't weighty.

3. Remain silent when you don't have all the facts. You might look like a liar if the facts later contradict what you've said. People are bound to lose trust in you. It's better not to speak than been humbled and forced to chew our words. 

4. It's better to remain silent when your listener is absent minded. This is because they might misunderstand you or you might have to repeat everything all over again. 

5. Silence is golden when your emotions are involved. When you're too happy, you might make promises you'd not be able to fulfill, when you're distraught, you might say the wrong words, when you're angry, you might use hurtful words; when you're frustrated, you might reveal too much and pronounce/declare too many negative things. Emotions sometimes interfere with reasoning, talk with a clear mind. It is better to speak when you're in the right frame of mind.

6. Speak because you want to add value. Do not speak because you are to OR because you feel like, speak when you have a reasonable value to contribute to the situation on ground. 

Have you ever spoken and your words disregarded until it came to pass? Feel free to share your experience with us. Thank you for reading through.


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